Publications & reports

  • Accessibility implementation plan

    Part of the Mayor's Transport Strategy is to improve access to the transport system. We explain our plan here

    Passengers with accessibility needs,A,Accessible travel,Assisted travel
  • Annual Report

    These reports summarise the work we have done to improve London's transport network

    Investors,Media,Public,A,Corporate information,Finance,Performance,Regular reports,Research,Transparency data
  • Asset management

    Asset management policy documents

    Suppliers,A,Policy,Assisted travel,Aviation,Buses,Coaches,Crossrail,Cycling,Deliveries,DLR,Driving,Emirates Air Line,London Overground,Motorcycle,Rail,River,Taxis and minicabs,Trams,Tube,Walking
  • Audit & Assurance committee

    Agendas and minutes from all Audit & assurance committee meetings

    A,Committee and panel meetings,Corporate information,Finance,Performance,Regular reports
  • Aviation

    Documents and research on airport options for London and the Southeast

  • Bank station capacity upgrade

    We have drawn up plans to ease congestion in Bank and Monument stations by 2021.

    DLR passengers,Tube passengers,B,DLR,Tube
  • Barking Riverside extension

    We have applied to the Secretary of State for Transport for powers to construct and operate the Barking Riverside extension of London Overground

    London Overground passengers,Planning and construction,B,London Overground
  • Board papers

    Agendas and minutes from our most recent board meetings

    B,Committee and panel meetings,Corporate information,Performance,Policy,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Budget and Business Plan

    These plans describe how we will implement and fund the projects that underpin the Mayor's Transport Strategy

    Investors,Public,B,Regular reports
  • Buses

    These documents provide useful background on a range of bus-related issues

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Public,B,Streetscape,Transparency data,Buses
  • Bus crime statistics

    Bus-related crime statistics by borough

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Public,B,Performance,Safety and security,Buses
  • Bus fleet data & audits

    An audit of the LBSL contracted fleet is carried out every quarter. The data provides the fleet size, respective percentage of the fleet and average age by operator for comparison to the previous audits

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,B,Regular reports,Transparency data,Buses
  • Bus network development papers

    Information on how new developments in London might require changes to TfL's bus network

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,B,Performance,Buses
  • Bus operator league tables

    League tables showing how bus operators compare against each other

    Bus operators,B,Performance,Buses
  • Buses performance data

    Network performance statistics and customer feedback can tell us a lot about how well our bus services are operating - and what we can do to improve them

    Bus operators,Public,B,Performance,Buses
  • Bus route & borough reports

    Performance tables for all London's bus routes and quality of bus service reports for each borough

    Boroughs,Bus operators,Bus passengers,Public,B,Performance,Buses
  • Bus safety data

    A collection of reports covering aspects of bus safety and related research

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,B,S,Safety and security,Streetscape,Transparency data,Buses
  • Bus schedules

    Search for a bus route number to find schedules for that route

    Bus passengers,B,Buses
  • Bus tenders

    Tenders for bus routes are managed by London Buses. We publish the results of all tenders

    Bus operators,Suppliers,B,Buses
  • Car Line Diagrams

    This page collates Car Line Diagrams and Car Line Diagram stickers for all Tube lines, TFL Rail, London Overground and DLR dating from 1996 to 2015

    C,Maps,Transparency data,DLR,London Overground,TfL Rail,Tube
  • Chief Officers' expenses and mobile phone expenditure

    We proactively publish all expenses claimed by Chief Officers and expenditure on their use of mobile phones

    Media,C,Corporate information,Finance,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Complaints policy

    TfL's policy on dealing with unreasonable complaints

    C,Corporate information
  • Complaints report

    This report sets out the main areas of customer complaints and steps being taken to address them

    Public,C,Special reports
  • Congestion Charge

    Consultation documents and reports related to the Congestion Charging scheme

    Coach drivers,Drivers,Freight industry,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,C,Congestion Charge,Consultation,Performance,Research,Transparency data,Deliveries,Driving,Taxis and minicabs
  • Contactless payment

    This page shows the number of contactless payment cards that have been used since we launched the system

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Media,Tram passengers,Tube passengers,C,Research,Ticketing,Transparency data,Buses,DLR,London Overground,Trams,Tube
  • Contract opportunities

    We publish details of future contract opportunities for TfL Corporate, TfL Surface and London Underground (over £500k) on a periodic basis. You can also view a list of current frameworks and when they expire.

    Boroughs,Businesses,Suppliers,C,Contract,Corporate information
  • Contracts - Crossrail

    Crossrail contract for operating services

    Boroughs,Businesses,Investors,Planning and construction,Suppliers,C,Contract,Transparency data,Crossrail,Rail
  • Contracts

    Our commercial and sponsorship agreements

    Businesses,C,Contract,Transparency data
  • Contracts greater than £5,000

    A list of contracts for services to TfL ranging from data storage to specialist cleaning of escalators

    Businesses,Media,Public,Suppliers,C,Contract,Corporate information,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Contracts released under FOI

    Contracts published because of Freedom of Information requests

    Businesses,Media,Suppliers,C,Contract,Corporate information,Finance,Transparency data
  • Crime & incident bulletins

    Crime and incident statistics includes information on antisocial behaviour on our networks

    Boroughs,Businesses,Public,C,Performance,Regular reports,Safety and security
  • Customer service & Op performance

    Agendas and minutes from the most recent Customer service & Operational performance panel meetings

    DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Public,Tube passengers,C,R,S,Committee and panel meetings,DLR,London Overground,Rail,Tube
  • Customer services performance

    The performance of TfL Customer services against the service level agreements for different forms of correspondence and mystery shopper quality assessment scores

  • Customers' information needs

    Reports into user experiences of our website, social media facilities and other digital media

    Boroughs,Businesses,Public,C,Accessible travel,Customer Research Library,Research,Safety and security,Special reports
  • Cycle hire contracts

    Contracts for the sponsorship and running of the London Cycle HIre Scheme

    Cyclists,B,C,S,Contract,Transparency data,Cycling
  • Cycle hire performance

    Quarterly performance reports including statistics on revenue generated and the most frequent journeys

    Cyclists,C,Performance,Transparency data,Cycling
  • Cycling

    These documents provide useful background on a range of cycling-related issues

    Cyclists,Public,C,Special reports,Transparency data,Cycling
  • Cycling & walking

    These reports focus on a range of cycling and walking-related issues

    Boroughs,Businesses,Cyclists,Pedestrians,Public,C,W,Customer Research Library,Special reports,Cycling,Walking
  • DLR performance data

    The latest monthly customer satisfaction, reliability and station equipment performance figures from the Docklands Light Railway

    DLR passengers,Public,D,Performance,DLR
  • Earls Court Village development

    Capital & Counties Properties PLC and TfL have established a joint venture, Earls Court Partnership Limited, which will enable the development of Earls Court 1 & 2 in line with the Earls Court Masterplan

    E,Contract,Transparency data
  • Efficiency plans

    Setting out TfL's embedded cost reductions within the March 2016 Business Plan.

    E,Transparency data
  • Electric vehicles

    Updates on electric vehicles and the Electric Vehicle Charging Network

    Boroughs,Drivers,E,Environment,Transparency data,Driving
  • Emirates Air Line performance data

    Customer satisfaction surveys for London's newest mode of transport

    Emirates Air Line passengers,Public,Visitors,E,Performance,Emirates Air Line
  • Environmental issues

    These reports focus on a variety of subjects around our efforts to go green

    Public,Schools and young people,E,Customer Research Library,Environment,Low Emission Zone,Research,Special reports
  • Environment, Corporate & Planning

    Agendas and minutes from all Environment, corporate & planning panel meetings

    Planning and construction,Public,E,Committee and panel meetings,Environment
  • Environment reports

    Updates on our activities to make London's transport network greener

    E,Environment,Regular reports,Special reports
  • Equality & inclusion publications

    We are committed to improving transport in London by making it more accessible, safer and reliable

    E,I,Accessible travel,Regular reports,Special reports,Assisted travel
  • Expenditure over £250

    We believe in being open about our costs. These reports list all expenditure of more than £250

    E,Corporate information,Finance,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Fares & ticketing

    These reports focus on a range of aspects related to fares and ticketing

    Boroughs,Businesses,Public,F,T,Customer Research Library,Special reports,Ticketing,Buses,DLR,Emirates Air Line,London Overground,River,Trams,Tube
  • Finance committee

    Agendas and minutes from all Finance committee meetings

    Public,F,Committee and panel meetings,Finance,Policy,Regular reports
  • Final Internal Audit reports

    Find out what actions we have taken in response to internal audits.

    F,Corporate information,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Freight

    Guidance, data reports and case studies show how we work with the freight industry

    Businesses,Drivers,Freight industry,Planning and construction,F,Freight,Low Emission Zone,Research,Deliveries,Driving
  • Funding letters

    Transport for London receives part of its income in the form of a Government grant. Here you can find the funding settlement from the UK Government agreed in October 2010, as well as other relevant historic correspondence

    Investors,Public,F,Finance,Regular reports
  • Governance reports

    We publish a range of governance reports covering issues including data management, equality and inclusion, and our skills and employment strategy

    Public,G,Environment,Finance,Regular reports,Safety and security,Special reports
  • Health, safety & environment

    These reports provide annual updates on our health, safety and environmental performance

    Public,H,Environment,Regular reports,Safety and security
  • High Speed 2 (HS2)

    The high speed railway HS2, if approved, will link London, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester and create space on the rail network that will help improve services

    Planning and construction,Rail passengers,H,Consultation,Rail
  • Invitations to tender

    List of all invitations to tender (ITT) since April 2014

    Boroughs,Businesses,Media,Suppliers,I,Contract,Corporate information,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Lift availability

    Lift availability on the Rail and Underground network in London

    Passengers with accessibility needs,Public,Rail passengers,Tube passengers,Visitors,A,L,Accessible travel,Tube improvement,Assisted travel,Rail,TfL Rail,Tube
  • Local Implementation Plans

    We work in partnership with the London boroughs, providing funding for a range of transport projects

    Boroughs,L,Transparency data
  • London connections map

    Geographically accurate representation of London Tube and rail lines

    Boroughs,DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Planning and construction,Rail passengers,Tube passengers,Visitors,L,Crossrail,DLR,London Overground,Rail,Tube
  • London Overground performance

    The latest service reliability reports and customer charter information

    London Overground passengers,Public,Rail passengers,L,Performance,London Overground,Rail
  • London Road User Charging Agreement

    From 1 November 2015 the Agreement to provide Congestion Charging, London Low Emission Zone services and Traffic Enforcement will operationally commence with Capita Business Services Limited

    Coach drivers,Drivers,Freight industry,L,R,Congestion Charge,Contract,Corporate information,Environment,Low Emission Zone,Transparency data,Coaches,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • London Travel Demand Survey

    The London Travel Demand Survey (LTDS) provides us with a full picture of travel in London and also raises money for charity

    Bus passengers,DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Rail passengers,River passengers,Tram passengers,Tube passengers,L,Regular reports,Research,Special reports,Buses,DLR,London Overground,Trams,Tube
  • Low Emission Zone

    Consultation documents and reports related to the Low Emission Zone

    Drivers,Freight industry,L,Low Emission Zone,Performance,Transparency data,Deliveries,Driving
  • The Mayor's budget

    Our initial submission is fed into the Mayor's budget consultation process

  • Northern line extension

    Our plans to extend the Northern line involve building two new stations at Nine Elms and Battersea Power Station

    Engineers,Planning and construction,Tube passengers,N,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Organisation charts

    See how TfL is organised and what budgets have been allocated to each main area

    Media,Public,O,Corporate information,Transparency data
  • Out-of-station interchanges

    Full list of Out-of-Station Interchanges and the maximum times allowed

    DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Tube passengers,O,Transparency data,DLR,London Overground,Rail,Tube
  • Oyster card

    Information on how many cards have been used, how much money is on Oyster cards, information on usage of the photocard schemes and sales of Oyster cards by different types of outlet

    Bus passengers,DLR passengers,Emirates Air Line passengers,London Overground passengers,Media,Tram passengers,Tube passengers,O,Regular reports,Ticketing,Transparency data,Buses,DLR,Emirates Air Line,London Overground,Trams,Tube
  • Parliamentary Private Bills

    Transport for London Bills placed before Parliament

    Public,P,Special reports
  • Past Chief Officers

    Key documents related to former TfL Chief Officers are available in the public interest

    Investors,Media,C,P,Corporate information,Transparency data
  • Pothole fund application

    TfL Pothole Fund 2014 to 2015 application and supporting information

  • Procurement information

    Our procurement processes and related policies (eg on sustainable sourcing) are explained in a series of PDFs

    Businesses,Media,Online developers,Suppliers,P,Contract,Corporate information,Policy,
  • Programmes & Investment committee

    Agendas and minutes from all Programmmes & Investment committee meetings

    Public,I,P,Committee and panel meetings
  • Projects & Planning panel

    Agendas and minutes from the latest Projects & planning panel meetings

    Planning and construction,Public,P,Committee and panel meetings
  • Publication schedule

    Includes publication dates for board papers, performance reports, financial reports and contracts.

    P,Transparency data
  • Purchase orders over £5,000

    List of purchase orders over £5,000

    Boroughs,Businesses,Media,Suppliers,P,Corporate information,Finance,Regular reports
  • Quarterly progress reports

    Quarterly progress reports to the Board on our operational and financial performance, and on the delivery and budget performance of our Investment Programme

    Investors,Public,Q,Corporate information,Finance,Regular reports,Transparency data
  • Rating agency reports

    Recent reports assessing our creditworthiness by external rating agencies

    Investors,Public,R,Corporate information,Finance,Regular reports
  • Red routes

    Publications and reports relating to the Capital's red routes

    P,R,Transparency data
  • Remuneration committee

    The committee considers a range of pay and management-related issues, including Performance Awards and base salaries

    Public,R,Committee and panel meetings,Corporate information,Finance
  • River Action Plan

    The River Action Plan sets out the improvements that will be made to river services between now and 2020

    Businesses,Freight industry,Planning and construction,River passengers,R,Deliveries,River
  • River Services licence expiry dates

    This document shows which companies are licensed to run cruise and taxi services on the Thames and when their licences expire

    Public,River passengers,R,Contract,Corporate information,River
  • Road safety

    Facts sheets, annual reports, research and more related to road safety - including the Road Safety Action Plan for London 2020

    Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,R,S,Performance,Research,Safety and security,Special reports,Transparency data,Coaches,Cycling,Deliveries,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Road space

    Reports into various aspects of road usage in the Capital

    Boroughs,Bus operators,Bus passengers,Businesses,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Pedestrians,Public,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,R,Customer Research Library,Special reports,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Deliveries,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Trams,Walking
  • Roads Task Force

    The Roads Task Force (RTF) was set up by the Mayor of London in 2012 to tackle the challenges facing London's streets and roads

    Boroughs,Businesses,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Taxi passengers,R,Policy,Roads,Special reports,Streetscape,Coaches,Cycling,Deliveries,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Safety & security

    Reports covering a range of issues concerning safety and security on our network

    Boroughs,Businesses,Public,S,Customer Research Library,Regular reports,Safety and security,Special reports
  • Safety, Sustainability & HR panel

    This panel covers issues ranging from equalities and accessibility to TfL's approach to CO2

    Planning and construction,Public,A,S,Committee and panel meetings,Environment,Policy,Safety and security
  • Senior staff

    As part of our transparency commitment we publish a brief job description and pay grade for senior staff

    Media,Public,S,Corporate information,Transparency data
  • Service delay refunds

    Figures for the types of refunds we give including for incomplete journeys, service delays and contactless payment

    Bus passengers,DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Public,Tube passengers,R,Finance,Transparency data
  • Silvertown Tunnel

    We're proposing to build a new road tunnel under the Thames linking the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,S,Consultation,Freight,Special reports,Buses,Deliveries,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • Standing orders

    These detail the decision-making structure and processes in TfL and its committees and panels; also included are terms and conditions for Board members

    Media,Public,S,Corporate information
  • Strategic transport & land-use models

    Planning for the future requires the use of a range of sources of information and analysis techniques, including the application of the strategic transport and land-use models developed by TfL Planning

    ,Boroughs,Planning and construction,S,Environment,Research
  • Streets

    Details on key street works projects - covers issues such as traffic signals and one-way systems

    Boroughs,Freight industry,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,S,Special reports,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Deliveries,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Streets performance

    For London Streets performance data including information on journey time, reliability, network disruption, traffic speeds and volumes, and customer satisfaction

    Boroughs,Drivers,Freight industry,S,Performance,Deliveries,Driving
  • Streets toolkit

    Design guidance for streets and public spaces. Includes Streetscape Guidance, Accessible Bus Stop Design, London Cycling Design Standards and Kerbside Loading Guidance.

    ,Boroughs,Businesses,Designers,Engineers,Freight industry,Planning and construction,S,Accessible travel,Committee and panel meetings,Corporate information,Cycle Superhighways,Environment,Roads,Safety and security,Streetscape,Buses,Coaches,Crossrail,Cycling,Driving,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Sub-regional transport plans

    Annual updates to the original 2010 plans outline what investment has taken place and what is required over the coming years to keep London moving.

    Boroughs,S,Regular reports
  • Taxi & private hire

    General information aimed at taxi and private hire drivers, owners and operators

    Public,Taxi and private hire,P,T,Corporate information,Taxis and minicabs
  • Temple to South Bank footbridge

    The Temple to South Bank footbridge - a project led by the Garden Bridge Trust - will help to make central London a more attractive and accessible place for walking

    Boroughs,Investors,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Public,G,T,Lambeth,Westminster,Contract,Corporate information,Expenditure,Transparency data,River,Walking
  • TfL Rail performance

    Performance data for TfL Rail includes the Public Performance Measure

    Rail passengers,T,Performance,TfL Rail
  • Ticket system performance

    Information about the availability of ticket machines, gates and yellow readers at the point of Travelcard and pay as you go purchase or at the point of travel

    Bus passengers,DLR passengers,Public,Rail passengers,Tram passengers,Tube passengers,T,Performance,Ticketing,Buses,London Overground,Trams,Tube
  • Town centre reports

    Contributions made by bus users and other modes to the economic health and viability of town centres across London

    Boroughs,Bus operators,Bus passengers,Businesses,Cyclists,DLR passengers,London Overground passengers,Planning and construction,Public,Rail passengers,Tube passengers,T
  • Trade union facility time

    Under the Transparency Code of Practice TfL is required to publish information on trade union facility time

    Transparency data
  • Trams performance data

    Tram performance measurement enable us to continually monitor and improve the service we offer our customers.

    Boroughs,Public,Tram passengers,T,Performance,Trams
  • Travel accessibility

    Feedback from disabled people using the TfL network

    Public,A,T,Accessible travel,Customer Research Library,Special reports,Assisted travel,Buses,DLR,Emirates Air Line,London Overground,River,Taxis and minicabs,Trams,Tube
  • Travel experience

    Customer research on the travelling public's attitude to TfL and our reputation

    Boroughs,Businesses,Public,T,Customer Research Library,Special reports
  • Travel in London reports

    Overview of progress on implementing the Mayor of London's transport - and other related - strategies

    Boroughs,Bus operators,Bus passengers,Businesses,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Dial a Ride passengers,DLR passengers,Drivers,Emirates Air Line passengers,London Overground passengers,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Public,River passengers,Taxi passengers,Tram passengers,Tube passengers,Visitors,T,Regular reports,Assisted travel,Buses,Coaches,Crossrail,Cycling,DLR,Driving,Emirates Air Line,London Overground,Motorcycle,Rail,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Ultra Low Emission Zone

    Consultation documents and reports related to the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

    Bus operators,Drivers,Freight industry,U,Environment,Low Emission Zone,Roads,Deliveries,Driving
  • Underground Safety Certificate

    We have to apply to the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) for certification and authorisation to operate trains, stations and infrastructure safely

    Public,S,U,Corporate information,Safety and security,Tube
  • Underground services performance

    Performance figures showing how many people use the Tube, how trains are performing, etc.

  • Victoria Coach Station

    Quarterly customer satisfaction surveys for Victoria Coach Station

    Coach drivers,Public,C,V,Performance,Coaches
  • Working Timetables (WTT)

    Working timetables are rail industry timetables. They show all movements on the Tube network including empty trains and those coming in and out of depots

    T,W,Transparency data,Tube
  • 2012 Games gifts and hospitality

    TfL staff declared offers of tickets to 2012 Games events and other hospitality and whether they were accepted or declined

    Media,Public,G,T,Corporate information,Policy,Special reports,Transparency data
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