The publication of expense claims allows customers to see how money is spent within the organisation and is a part of a wider transparency programme which includes the publication of any item of expenditure over £250. A huge cost savings exercise has been undertaken across the organisation over recent years to reduce expenditure and make sure we deliver value for money for London's fare and tax payers from large scale engineering projects down to small expenses claims.

All expenditure within the organisation is carefully assessed to ensure it is essential to providing a safe, efficient, extensive and reliable transport network including expenses incurred by Chief Officers who often are called upon to travel out of the capital on business and attend conferences and other out of hours business related activities.

The most senior member of TfL staff present at functions attended by other staff will generally settle the bill on those occasions when it is appropriate for the expenditure to be reclaimed in accordance with our business expenses policy.

Chief officers' expenses

Chief officers' mobile phone expenditure