Improvements & projects

We are reinvesting our income on schemes that will affect the lives of people who live and travel in London.

  • A23/A232 Fiveways Croydon

    Our proposals will help make room for growth expected in and around the Fiveways area in Croydon

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Dial a Ride passengers,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,A,C,F,Croydon,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • A40 Westway

    We are starting work on plans to refurbish the A40 Westway

    Bus operators,Coach drivers,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,A,W,Hammersmith & Fulham,Kensington & Chelsea,Westminster,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • A127 Ardleigh Green Bridge

    We are replacing the Ardleigh Green Bridge over the A127, with work to be completed in 2017

    Boroughs,Drivers,A,Havering,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • A316 London Road roundabout

    Improving the roundabout will make it easier to get to Twickenham town centre and improve journey times

    Drivers,L,Richmond upon Thames,Road Modernisation Plan,Cycling,Driving
  • A406 Neasden

    Improvement works on the A406 North Circular Road at Neasden are continuing in 2016

    A,N,Brent,Road Modernisation Plan,Driving
  • Archway gyratory

    Our improvements at Archway will introduce dedicated cycle lanes and improved pedestrian crossings

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Motorbikers,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,A,Islington,Road Modernisation Plan,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Baker Street

    We're working to develop proposals to introduce two-way traffic to Baker Street and Gloucester Place

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,B,Westminster,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle
  • Bank & Monument

    By 2021 the interlinked stations of Bank and Monument will feature several new escalators, a new station entrance and more room for Northern line passengers

    Public,Tube passengers,B,M,City of London,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Barking Riverside extension

    If we get approval, construction on this extension to London Overground could begin in 2017, with train services starting during 2021

    B,Barking & Dagenham,London Overground
  • Bond Street

    Bond Street station is undergoing a major redevelopment to increase capacity and improve accessibility by 2017, and to create an interchange with Crossrail

    Public,Tube passengers,B,Westminster,Tube improvement,Crossrail,Elizabeth line,Tube
  • Bow Vision

    Cycle early-starts are being used to make Bow roundabout safer for cyclists

    Cyclists,Public,B,Newham,Tower Hamlets,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Cycling
  • Brent Cross Cricklewood

    The Brent Cross Cricklewood regeneration sets out a new network of streets and spaces in and around the area to improve retail, dining and leisure

    Businesses,Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,B,C,Barnet,Brent,Camden,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Caledonian Road lift refurbishment

    Caledonian Road Tube station will have a reduced lift service until July 2017

    Tube passengers,C,Islington,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Camden High Street

    We are working with Camden Council and Camden Town Unlimited BID to regenerate the area, including Camden High Street (north) and Britannia junction

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Dial a Ride passengers,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,C,Camden,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Cycling,Driving
  • Camden Town capacity upgrade

    We want to create more capacity inside Camden Town station to prevent passenger delays and crowding

    Tube passengers,C,Camden,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Central London Grid

    The Central London Grid is a set of safer, connected routes for cyclists across central London

    Cyclists,C,Camden,City of London,Hackney,Islington,Kensington & Chelsea,Lambeth,Southwark,Tower Hamlets,Westminster,Consultation,Cycling
  • Cycle Superhighway 1

    Cycle Superhighway 1 (CS1) will run between White Hart Lane in Tottenham and Liverpool Street Station

    Cyclists,Drivers,C,S,Cycle Superhighways,Road Modernisation Plan,Cycling
  • Cycle Superhighway 2 upgrade

    We have improved Cycle Superhighway Route 2 (CS2) between Aldgate and Bow Roundabout by introducing segregated cycle tracks and new junctions to separate cyclists from traffic

    Bus passengers,Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,Public,C,S,Tower Hamlets,Cycle Superhighways,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Cycling,Driving
  • Cycle Superhighway 5

    We are extending Cycle Superhighway 5 (CS5) from Oval to Pimlico via the Vauxhall gyratory with a segregated cycle lane

    C,S,City of London,Lambeth,Tower Hamlets,Westminster,Cycle Superhighways,Freight,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Cycle Superhighway 8 improvements

    A new two-stage right turn facility for cyclists is one of the improvements we're making on Chelsea Bridge at the junction with Grosvenor Road

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,C,Kensington & Chelsea,Wandsworth,Road Modernisation Plan,Cycling,Driving
  • East-West Cycle Superhighway

    The East-West Cycle Superhighway will improve facilities in central London for both cyclists and pedestrians

    C,E,S,City of London,Tower Hamlets,Westminster,Cycle Superhighways,Road Modernisation Plan,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Elephant & Castle

    The Elephant & Castle area is the focus of one of London's biggest regeneration projects

    Bus operators,Cyclists,Drivers,Freight industry,Pedestrians,Tube passengers,E,Southwark,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Tube,Walking
  • Elizabeth line

    The Elizabeth line will run east from Reading and Heathrow to Abbey Wood and Shenfield

    Public,Rail passengers,Tube passengers,C,E,Bexley,Ealing,Greenwich,Newham,Tower Hamlets,Westminster,Crossrail,Elizabeth line,Rail
  • Euston escalator refurbishment

    We're refurbishing four of the escalators at Euston Tube station

    E,Camden,Accessible travel,Tube improvement,Rail,Tube
  • Finsbury Park

    Work at Finsbury Park Tube station will improve accessibility and security, reduce congestion and help speed up journeys. The project is due to finish in 2019

    Boroughs,Tube passengers,F,Hackney,Haringey,Islington,Accessible travel,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Four Lines Modernisation

    We are transforming the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines to increase capacity and boost reliability, making journeys faster and more comfortable

    F,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Future Streets Incubator

    The Future Streets Incubator fund is helping to transform streets and public spaces across the Capital

    Cyclists,Drivers,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Schools and young people,F,Bromley,Camden,Ealing,Islington,Richmond upon Thames,Southwark,Westminster,Safety and security,Cycling,Driving,Motorcycle,Walking
  • Greenwich Power Station

    We hope to install up to six new gas engines in Greenwich Power Station's Old Turbine Hall to provide a steady source of low carbon power for the Tube as well as nearby schools and homes

    Boroughs,Businesses,Tube passengers,G,Greenwich,Environment,Tube
  • Highbury Corner Bridge

    At Highbury Corner we are replacing the bridge over the rail line

    H,Islington,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • King's Cross & Euston Road

    We are reviewing the road network in the King's Cross and Euston Road area to make it safer for all road users

    Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,E,K,Camden,Islington,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Cycling,Driving,Walking
  • Lambeth North lift replacement

    The station will be closed until early 2017 for essential lift replacement works

    Tube passengers,L,Lambeth,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Metropolitan line extension

    We are working with Hertfordshire County Council to extend the Metropolitan line to Watford Junction

    Public,Tube passengers,C,M,Rail,Tube
  • Metropolitan line weekday closures

    The Metropolitan line will close earlier than normal between Aldgate and Wembley Park until we finish upgrade works in late 2018

    M,Brent,Tower Hamlets,Westminster,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Mini-Hollands

    The Mini-Hollands programme will give outer-London boroughs the funding to transform local cycling facilities

    Boroughs,Cyclists,Planning and construction,M,Enfield,Kingston upon Thames,Waltham Forest,Cycling
  • Nags Head gyratory

    Removing the Nags Head gyratory will improve safety for all road users

    Drivers,N,Islington,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Driving
  • Nine Elms

    We're planning some work on Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road (A3205)

    N,Wandsworth,Consultation,Roads,Streetscape,Driving,Cycling ,Driving
  • Northern line extension

    Work is in progress to extend the Northern line to Nine Elms and Battersea

    Tube passengers,N,Wandsworth,Consultation,Tube improvement,Tube
  • North-South Cycle Superhighway

    This mainly segregated cycle route will run between Elephant and Castle and King's Cross

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Coach drivers,Cyclists,Dial a Ride passengers,Drivers,Freight industry,Motorbikers,Pedestrians,Planning and construction,Taxi and private hire,Taxi passengers,C,N,S,Camden,City of London,Southwark,Cycle Superhighways,Freight,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Old Street roundabout

    We are working on proposals to make the Old Street area a more pedestrian and cycle-friendly environment

    Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,O,Hackney,Islington,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Cycling,Driving,Walking
  • Paddington station improvements

    We have finished the renewal of two escalators at Paddington station

    P,Westminster,Tube improvement,Crossrail,Elizabeth line,Tube
  • Power Road Bridge

    Power Road Bridge is being upgraded to make it safer for road users and improve access for cyclists and pedestrians

    Boroughs,Drivers,P,Hounslow,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs
  • Quietways

    We are working to deliver a programme of Quietway cycle routes across Greater London by 2022

    Boroughs,Cyclists,Q,Brent,Camden,City of London,Croydon,Greenwich,Hackney,Islington,Lambeth,Lewisham,Merton,Newham,Redbridge,Southwark,Tower Hamlets,Waltham Forest,Wandsworth,Westminster,Cycling
  • Road Modernisation Plan

    As part of the Road Modernisation Plan we are investing more than £4 billion to improve London's roads, the biggest investment in a generation

    Businesses,Cyclists,Pedestrians,Taxi and private hire,R,Barking & Dagenham,Barnet,Bexley,Brent,Bromley,Camden,City of London,Croydon,Ealing,Enfield,Greenwich,Hackney,Hammersmith & Fulham,Haringey,Harrow,Havering,Hillingdon,Hounslow,Islington,Kensington & Chelsea,Kingston upon Thames,Lambeth,Lewisham,Merton,Newham,Redbridge,Richmond upon Thames,Southwark,Sutton,Tower Hamlets,Waltham Forest,Wandsworth,Westminster,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Silvertown Tunnel

    We're developing proposals for a new road tunnel under the Thames linking the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown

    Bus operators,Coach drivers,Drivers,Freight industry,Planning and construction,Suppliers,S,Greenwich,Newham,Consultation,Freight,Coaches,Driving
  • South Kensington station

    We are developing ideas with the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to reduce congestion and improve access at the station

    Public,Tube passengers,K,S,Kensington & Chelsea,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Step-free access

    We are adding step-free access to more Tube and London Overground stations

    London Overground passengers,Public,Tube passengers,S,Accessible travel,Tube improvement,Crossrail,Elizabeth line,London Overground,Tube
  • Stockwell

    Work continues on the public space at Stockwell Memorial Garden after we finished building a new cycle route and reconstructing the junction

    S,Lambeth,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Cycling,Driving
  • TfL Rail improvements

    Stations on TfL Rail lines are being improved ahead of 2019 when full Elizabeth line services are due to start

    Rail passengers,C,T,Havering,Newham,Redbridge,Crossrail,Elizabeth line,TfL Rail
  • Tottenham Court Road

    The station will be fully upgraded by the end of 2016, ready for a jump in passenger numbers when Crossrail opens in 2018

    Public,Tube passengers,T,Westminster,Tube improvement,Crossrail,Driving,Elizabeth line,Tube,Walking
  • Tottenham Hale

    Work to rebuild Tottenham Hale station will continue until late 2017 or early 2018

    Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,T,Haringey,Tube improvement,Buses,Cycling,Driving
  • Upper Holloway Bridge

    We are replacing the bridge carrying the A1 by Upper Holloway Station

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,Drivers,Pedestrians,Taxi and private hire,U,Islington,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Walking
  • Vauxhall Cross gyratory

    We are currently working through proposals with Lambeth Council for the transformation of Vauxhall Cross

    Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,V,Lambeth,Southwark,Wandsworth,Westminster,Environment,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Walking
  • Victoria

    The ongoing project to improve Victoria Station will wrap up in 2018

    Public,Tube passengers,V,Westminster,Tube improvement,Tube
  • Wandsworth gyratory

    Plans are underway to regenerate Wandsworth town centre

    Cyclists,Drivers,Pedestrians,W,Wandsworth,Environment,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • Waterloo IMAX roundabout

    The Waterloo station area is set for a huge transformation, delivering new homes, offices and better public spaces

    Cyclists,Pedestrians,Rail passengers,W,Lambeth,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Rail,Taxis and minicabs,Walking
  • West Croydon bus station

    We opened the new West Croydon bus station in October 2016

    Bus operators,Bus passengers,London Overground passengers,Planning and construction,Rail passengers,Tram passengers,C,W,Croydon,Buses,London Overground,Rail,Trams
  • Westminster Bridge South

    We aim to provide high quality facilities for cyclists as well as make improvements for pedestrians

    W,Lambeth,Westminster,Road Modernisation Plan,Roads,Buses,Coaches,Cycling,Driving,Freight,Motorcycle,Taxis and minicabs,Walking

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