Nine Elms

Nine Elms is in a designated regeneration area with approximately 40 major development sites aimed at building 20,000 new homes and creating 25,000 new jobs between now and 2030. Find out more on the Nine Elms London website.

Working with the London Borough of Wandsworth and the Nine Elms Vauxhall Partnership, this project will improve conditions for people walking and cycling, bus passengers and users of the Northern line extension at Battersea Power Station.

What we're doing

Eastern section (Pump House Lane - Vauxhall)

  • We've completely redesigned the road layout on Nine Elms Lane and the eastern part of Battersea Park Road to improve it for bus users and to allow for more people to walk and cycle in the area
  • Designs currently being developed for the eastern section (east of Pump House Lane) will help us prepare for construction. We plan to start these works in spring 2024, depending on how developments along the road progress
  • Overnight survey investigations completed in November 2022 will allow our contractor to confirm site conditions before starting works. The survey identified significant blockages in the drainage system - most of these have been unblocked and should relieve the problems that have caused surface water to pond on the road after heavy rainfall
  • Work on minor defects on the completed phase 1 (Sleaford Street - the Duchess Rail Bridge), also finished in November 2022, has resolved issues with foot path levels and removed any damaged paving to ensure rain water flows into drains

Western section

Working with Wandsworth Council we've now identified a suitable design for the western extent of the scheme on Battersea Park Road between the Duchess Rail Bridge and Macduff Road.

We consulted on the future of this section of the scheme in early 2022. Find out more on the Battersea Park Road walking and cycling changes consultation page.

In 2023, we're instructing our contractor to produce the detailed design, ready to start works by early 2025.

Phases of work

The scheme will be done in phases. Completing the many developments in the area simultaneously is a complex task and we want to coordinate the improvements to the roads and pavements with that work.

Next phases

  • Highway improvements will be done in phases once the designs are final and work on the developments in the area has gotten to the right stage
  • We'll work with the many developers in the Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road area to coordinate these future phases - this will help us cut disruption and costs
  • The future phases also depend on getting some areas of developer land to enable the new protected cycle lanes

Depending on how those steps progress, we plan to start the next phases of work:

  • Pump House Lane to Vauxhall (Eastern section): by spring 2024
  • Duchess Rail Bridge to MacDuff Road (depending on the results of the public consultation): by summer 2025

Completed phases

Phase 1: Works between Duchess Bridge and Sleaford Street - completed August 2021

  • New paving on the southern and northern pavements, and a wider northern pavement between the Duchess Rail Bridge and Sleaford Street
  • East- and westbound segregated cycle lanes between the Duchess Rail Bridge and Sleaford Street
  • Improved and more accessible east- and westbound bus stops, providing an interchange with the new Battersea Power Station Northern line station
  • A new cycle link between Thessaly Road and Battersea Park Road and dedicated cycle crossing across Battersea Park Road
  • A new controlled pedestrian crossing across Battersea Park Road providing direct access to the new Battersea Power Station Tube station
  • A new junction providing access to the new Prospect Way access road next to Battersea Power Station station

How our works may affect you

  • We will need to reduce traffic on Nine Elms Lane to one lane in each direction so we can do the work safely and efficiently. You will still be able to make any current turns, but you may notice more traffic during the works
  • Temporary bus stops will be set up within 30 metres of their current location and pedestrian diversion routes and crossing facilities will be in place. You will still be able to get access to homes and businesses

Other schemes in the area

Future view of Nine Elms


We consulted on our proposed changes at Nine Elms Lane and Battersea Park Road in summer 2017.

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