Contactless and Oyster account

Why get an account?

By registering your contactless or Oyster card to an account you can:

  • Check your fares
  • View your journey history
  • See if you have incomplete journeys
  • Apply for refunds
  • Get targeted service emails based on your recent travel (you can unsubscribe at any time)
  • Top up your Oyster pay as you go balance and get notifications when it gets low
  • Buy adult rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Passes valid between seven days and 12 months
  • Use our free TfL Oyster and contactless app

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How we use your data

When you create a contactless and Oyster account and add your contactless or Oyster card, TfL, its subsidiaries and service providers use your personal data for:

  • Customer service and administration
  • Provision of travel related information
  • Seeing how customers use our products
  • Fraud prevention

If you use your contactless or Oyster card on National Rail services, you're also authorising TfL to share your personal data with relevant Train Operating Companies (TOCs).

In certain circumstances, TfL and relevant TOCs may also share your personal data with the police and other law enforcement agencies for the prevention and detection of crime.