Old Street roundabout

Removing the roundabout and returning the traffic to two-way will let us improve pedestrian crossings and add segregated cycle lanes. A new public space to be built around a new station entrance will make it easier to walk into and around the station and change between trains and buses.

Details of how your journey may be affected by our work in the area are on the Old Street roundabout travel advice page.

Traffic switched to two-way

Old Street roundabout is running in its final configuration - the northwestern arm of the junction is permanently closed and traffic is flowing two-way.

Measures to manage traffic will stay in place at the junction until the scheme is finished in autumn 2022.

The right turns from Old Street west into City Road south and from Mallow Street into Old Street east are permanently banned.

Take extra care when walking, cycling and driving in the area - traffic may be coming from a different direction than you're used to.

Planned closures

Eastbound bus stop 'K' on Old Street east is suspended until spring 2022 while we do essential work on the footways and kerbs.

Essential works will be done at Cowper Street to waterproof the entrance structure and finish changes on the footway. This means we'll need to temporarily close the station entrance to pedestrians over a series of weekends.

Works will take place from midnight on:

  • Friday 24 September until 05:00 Monday 27 September
  • Friday 1 October until 05:00 on Monday 4 October
  • Friday 8 October until 05:00 Monday 11 October

Old Street station will continue to operate as normal during this phase of work - it can be accessed through Subway 3 (southwest exit) or Subway 4 (northwest exit).

Changes to station access

New and permanent changes to station access at Old Street are now in place.

  • The new entrance at Cowper Street is open and provides direct access for customers to the station
  • Subway 1 (northeast exit) is permanently closed. Subway 3 (southwest exit) remains open for now
  • The staircase at Subway 4 (northwest exit) is open again and the ramp permanently closed. The green line leading to Moorfields Eye Hospital has been reinstated along the stairs

Customers need to continue to wear a face covering in stations and for the duration of their journey unless they are exempt. The quieter times on public transport are currently between 08:15 and 16:00 and after 17:30 on weekdays, and before noon and after 18:00 on weekends.

Our TfL Go app can help you plan your journey and show you the quieter times to travel.

What we're doing

As part of the scheme we will:

  • Remove the existing roundabout and close the northwest arm to create a new public space (done)
  • Switch road traffic movements to two-way (done)
  • Remodel the entrances to the Tube station by closing three of the four existing subway entrances. These will be replaced by two new station entrances, one accessible from Cowper Street and a main station entrance with a green roof to complement the public space and environment
  • Improve facilities for pedestrians and cyclists travelling through the junction with segregated cycle lanes and signal-controlled pedestrian crossings
  • Build a new lift from street level to the St Agnes Well mall retail concourse beneath the roundabout
  • Refurbish the St Agnes Well mall retail concourse

The work

We have:

  • Opened the new Cowper Street station entrance
  • Refurbished and re-opened the northwest exit stair with the green line toward Moorfields Eye Hospital reinstated.
  • Closed the ramp of Subway 4 (northwest exit) to begin works on the new lift
  • Permanently closed the northwestern arm of the junction to traffic. Two-way traffic is now flowing
  • Created dedicated cycle and pedestrian routes through the works site

Next steps

  • Build new traffic islands and cycle lanes across the site
  • Build a new main station entrance to Old Street station
  • Build a new lift into St Agnes Well mall
  • Transform the roundabout into a new public space
  • Permanently close Subway 3 (southwest exit)
  • Complete refurbishment of the St Agnes Well mall retail concourse

These works will be done Monday-Saturday, 07:00-19:00 with some night works between 20:30-05:30 because of Tube operations.


The dedicated public liaison officer can answer questions about the works:

Email: ruth.curtis@morgansindall.com

Telephone: 07971 123 700

For general information about the project, or if you would like to receive our regular residents' newsletters by email:

Email: OldStreetroundabout@tfl.gov.uk


We held a public consultation on the proposals for Old Street between November 2014 and January 2015.

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