Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout

These changes are timed to bring improvements as soon as possible while we investigate longer-term plans to re-work the junction's layout.

Find out how your journey might be affected on the Lambeth Bridge travel advice page.

Planned changes

The current scheme is similar to proposals we consulted on in 2012 and will:

  • Widen footways and extend traffic islands to reduce traffic speeds and provide more space for pedestrians
  • Raise zebra crossings on all four sides of the junction to slow traffic on the approach to the roundabout
  • Install clearer lane markings at the roundabout

We have decided not to install shared-space footways at Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout as part of this scheme. During the consultation many respondents said they were concerned about potential conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.

Construction will be coordinated with other works in the area to minimise disruption.

Longer-term improvements

We are continuing to investigate design options that would substantially change the road layout at Lambeth Bridge northern roundabout, Lambeth Bridge southern roundabout and on Lambeth Bridge itself.

We intend to hold a public consultation when feasible schemes are identified. The current short-term improvements are designed to improve safety at the roundabout independently of any longer term scheme.

Contact us

Phone detailsPhone: 0343 222 1234

(TfL call charges)

Contact us to ask for paper copies of plans, or copies in Braille, large text or another language.


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