Mini ramps

bridging device - customer leaving train

Our launch of the new mini ramp follows a successful trial at 8 step-free stations on the Jubilee line in 2023.

Mini ramps were developed after some customers told us the step/gap on step-free to train platforms (where there is a vertical step of less than 50mm and a horizontal gap of less than 75mm) can be a barrier.

The ramps cover the small remaining step/gap on step-free to train platforms to make it easier for customers to get on and off the train. This particularly helps customers whose mobility aids have small or swivel wheels, and offers customers additional comfort and reassurance.

Using mini ramps

See which stations have mini ramps.

Ask staff for help or press the information button on a help point if you want to use a mini ramp. Quick and easy to use, our staff will be happy to lay one down for you.  

More information about step-free journeys is on the Wheelchair access & avoiding stairs page.

On that page you'll also find the Step-free Tube guide - this shows which Tube stations have mini ramps available.