Mini ramp trial

bridging device - customer leaving train

Why we ran the trial

Stations that qualify as step-free from street to train may still have a vertical step of less than 50mm and a horizontal gap of less than 75mm. Some customers tell us this gap is a barrier to them being able to get on and off trains confidently.

The mini ramp is designed to cover the remaining small gap between the platform and the train and works much like the boarding ramps already in use at other stations where there is a larger gap. A member of staff will put it securely in place.

The trial ran at 8 stations on the Jubilee line between November 2022 and February 2023:

  • Bermondsey
  • Canada Water
  • Canary Wharf
  • Canning Town
  • Green Park
  • London Bridge
  • North Greenwich
  • Stratford

Use our existing Turn up and go service to ask a member of staff to help you to board the train at one of the trial stations, or to arrange assistance for you if you are travelling to one of those stations.