Cycleway 4

Evelyn Street

We opened the Evelyn Street section of the route in Deptford in September 2022.

The scheme includes:

  • 1.4km of two-way protected cycle track
  • New pedestrian crossings at Gosterwood Street and Grinstead Road
  • Upgraded pedestrian crossings at Oxestalls Road and Deptford High Street
  • Wider footways and a new public space at New King Street, with new trees and seating

What we've already done

  • We opened a 3.6km section between Tower Bridge Road and Rotherhithe, along the Jamaica Road, in September 2020
  • Work in Greenwich on the Creek Road section of the route finished in May 2021
  • We've introduced an experimental scheme along Tooley Street and Duke Street Hill to extend cycling facilities. We ran a consultation on these changes in 2021 - find out more on the Tooley Street and Duke Street Hill consultation page
  • A temporary extension of Cycleway 4 along London Bridge was introduced in autumn 2020

In related work, a temporary extension to the east between Greenwich Town Centre and Angerstein Roundabout was completed in December 2020. Further works to extend the route all the way to Charlton are now underway. See the related Greenwich to Woolwich consultation documents.

What's next

We're planning to start construction later in 2022 on the remaining section of Cycleway 4 between Greenwich and central London, on Lower Road. This follows our recent funding settlement with Government.

Benefits of Cycleway 4

Cycleway 4 will create a clearer and safer route for cycling on roads in Bermondsey, Rotherhithe, Deptford and Greenwich. New pedestrian crossings and improved public spaces will make these areas more pleasant to live, work, shop and spend time in.

Our plan allows for the area's future growth. Cycleway 4 will help connect communities along the route by linking important amenities and facilities.

Artist’s impression of CS4 at Rotherhithe roundabout/Jamaica Road

Our expanding network of cycle routes is an important part of the Mayor's Transport Strategy and Healthy Streets Approach - these aim to encourage walking, cycling and public transport and make London greener, healthier and more pleasant.

Our Cycleway 4 plan includes:

  • Two-way segregated cycle track on Tooley Street, Jamaica Road, Evelyn Street and Creek Road
  • Five new signal-controlled pedestrian crossings and upgrades to over 20 existing pedestrian crossings
  • Building on short-term improvements at Rotherhithe roundabout by redesigning the roundabout to improve safety as part of our Safer Junctions programme
  • Installing a new eastbound bus gate on the Jamaica Road approach to Rotherhithe roundabout. This will give buses priority at the roundabout and give them easier access into Lower Road
  • New and improved public spaces at Deptford High Street and Rotherhithe roundabout, including new paving and trees
  • New traffic restrictions including banned turns on some side roads along Jamaica Road and at Deptford High Street
  • Changes to some bus stop layouts and locations, including new bus stop bypasses for cyclists

Change of name

Cycleway 4 was called Cycle Superhighway 4 until 2019. That's when we combined most Cycle Superhighways and Quietways into the single Cycleways network.


We consulted on proposals for what will be Cycleway 4 in autumn 2017.