Hammersmith Bridge

We are supporting Hammersmith & Fulham Council with the repairs. It's likely we will need to completely close the bridge to do this work as quickly and safely as possible. The Council has asked us to consider installing a temporary walking and cycling bridge to keep this essential link across the river open.

At the moment people are able to walk and cycle across Hammersmith Bridge, many of them heading to and from Tube and bus services at Hammersmith station.

You can use Hammersmith Bridge if your journey is essential. If it is, make sure to stick to the social distancing guidelines when crossing on foot or by bicycle. Otherwise, stay home and don't travel to save lives.

See our travel advice for Hammersmith Bridge.

Coronavirus - safety critical work

The project to repair Hammersmith Bridge has been identified as safety critical and is authorised to continue during the Government's current social distancing measures. Staff on site are classed as critical transport workers involved in safety activities supporting the national coronavirus effort.

Strict measures on social distancing are in place to ensure the works take place safely.

Temporary bridge

The temporary bridge we're proposing is a seven metre-wide, prefabricated steel structure, supported by two piers in the river. The bridge would be step free, with a 5.5 metre-wide surface for people walking and cycling. Access would be by shallow ramps from Queen Caroline Street on the north bank and from close to the junction of Castelnau and Riverview Gardens on the south bank.

We will need planning permission from both Richmond and Hammersmith & Fulham councils to build the temporary bridge.

We also want to ensure that areas around the landing points of the temporary bridge are fully restored for the benefit of the local community once all the main bridge repair works have been finished and the temporary bridge has been removed.

Our proposals

Your views

We asked members of the public to give their views on the temporary bridge by midnight on 5 April 2020.

To give people a chance to view and discuss our proposals we hosted a public drop-in session (on 14 March 2020 at Riverside Studios) and a public webinar.

Throughout this engagement period we received a variety of questions. These have been collated into a single document - we hope they answer any outstanding queries.

We will now review the feedback we received as we finalise our proposed planning applications to both Hammersmith & Fulham and Richmond Councils.

When these applications are submitted, both boroughs will consult with residents and others interested in the proposals to give them an opportunity to comment on the applications.