Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith & Fulham Council extended restrictions already in place on motorised traffic in August 2020 after cracking in the bridge structure got worse in an area of high stress. River traffic is not allowed below the bridge and the Thames Path is also closed under the bridge, on both sides.

See the latest travel advice for Hammersmith Bridge.

The bridge will stay closed until we're sure it's safe. Our contractors are currently investigating to give a clearer idea of how long it needs to stay closed.

Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce

The Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce was set up by the Department for Transport in September 2020 to work towards safely reopening Hammersmith Bridge. The Taskforce is chaired by Baroness Vere and includes representatives from TfL, the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, Network Rail, the Greater London Authority and the Port of London Authority.

The Hammersmith Bridge Taskforce has asked us to manage the bridge works on behalf of Hammersmith & Fulham, which owns the bridge.

The Taskforce agrees that a ferry is the best way to restore a connection across the river in the immediate term for people walking and cycling.

Look under 'Announcements' on Baroness Vere's web page for notes from the latest Taskforce meeting.

Temporary ferry

On 31 October 2020 we agreed a wider support package with the Government which confirmed our immediate funding for the ferry as an interim measure. We then started an emergency procurement process to identify a suitable operator, as required by law. We aim to appoint an operator in early February 2021 and have services running by spring 2021 (assuming the necessary consents and interests in land are granted).

The operator must follow specific minimum service requirements - the ferry must:

  • Operate at least from 06:00 to 22:00 on weekdays
  • Have room for around 800 passengers or more an hour

The boroughs are making sure there is appropriate access to the ferry service on both sides of the river, with the lighting and signs required

We will communicate with local people about the ferry plans once we have more details.

Temporary walking/cycling bridge

Before cracking forced the bridge close to all traffic, our plans included a temporary walking and cycling bridge. The Council had asked us to consider installing a temporary bridge to keep this essential link across the river open.

The temporary bridge we proposed would have been a step-free, prefabricated steel structure, supported by two piers in the river, with a 5.5 metre-wide surface for people walking and cycling.

Since then the Taskforce has picked a ferry service as the best way to restore a connection across the river in the immediate term for people walking and cycling.

In spring 2020 we gathered people's views about plans for a temporary walking and cycling bridge. 

Fixing the bridge - next steps

Before the coronavirus pandemic our planned next step was to apply for planning permission to build the temporary walking and cycling bridge.

However, the pandemic's impact on our finances meant both the repairs to the main bridge and building the temporary bridge depended on additional funding from Government.

Our six-month emergency funding settlement agreement with Government covers only the first stage of repair works on Hammersmith Bridge. Our contractors Kier Group started this work in December 2020.


  • Until March 2021 We investigate the western side of the bridge to help engineers understand its overall condition and identify any further cracking before they move on to the next stage of works
  • End March 2021 We do stabilisation work, using our detailed plans for how this should happen. Funding for this stage has not been confirmed, but we expect the work to take 11 months
  • The bridge can then open for people walking and cycling, and vessels can pass underneath

At the same time the Taskforce will also be reviewing the new proposal put forward by Hammersmith & Fulham and Foster + Partners.

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