Improving London's environment and air quality

We're determined to build a greener future for London

Our aim is to move London forward safely, sustainably and inclusively.

Greener journeys

Poor air quality is affecting the health of Londoners, and it's mainly caused by polluting vehicles.

  • The latest data from the London Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (LAEI, 2019) shows that, although improvements are being made, road transport is the single biggest contributor of nitrogen oxides (NOx) - which includes both nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and nitric oxide(NO) - and particulate matter (PM2.5) emissions in Greater London
  • The Greater London Authority's  London Energy and Greenhouse Gas Inventory 2020 data compares carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions across all modes of transport within Greater London. It shows that TfL transport produces, on average, less CO2 emissions than the car