Our central purpose

We keep London moving to make the city as safe, sustainable and inclusive as possible, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Sustainability Report and Corporate Environment Plan set out how we're meeting the needs of today while preparing for a future where we continue to serve London for generations to come.

Sustainability Report

Our Sustainability Report shows what we're doing to improve our social, environmental and economic impact. We do this by:

  • Caring about our colleagues, customers and communities through safe, healthy and accessible transport services 
  • Operating in a sustainable way to protect and regenerate the natural world 
  • Being financially sustainable to provide a resilient and good quality of life for all

Corporate Environment Plan

Our Corporate Environment Plan guides us to be a more sustainable organisation with five focus areas to support the Mayor's ambition for London to be zero carbon by 2030.

Climate change adaptation

We want a safer and more sustainable future for the communities we serve. Our first pan-TfL adaptation plan details how we will adapt to climate change through a coordinated and comprehensive plan.

Find out how we're Adapting to climate change.

tfl youth panel

Youth panel

The TfL Youth Panel's 2023 report - 'Tomorrow's TfL' - followed a year-long exploration into the intersection of equity, diversity and inclusion with environmental sustainability. See the report on the TfL Youth Panel page.