Environment monitoring & reporting

Corporate Environment Plan

The Corporate Environment Plan is our strategy to address the challenges of the climate and ecological emergency. It is framed around 5 priority areas to support our transition to being a more sustainable organisation.

  • See the Plan, plus links to the associated plans for Climate Change Adaptation and Green Infrastructure and Biodiversity, on the Sustainability page

Vehicle emissions

We have tested the emissions performance of Euro 6/VI vehicles in urban environments.

This report presents the results from these tests, alongside a summary of the legislative and technical framework for Euro 6/VI vehicle emissions standards.

Air quality on the Tube

The movement of trains over the rails, engineering works and customer use all contribute dust to the Tube network.

Dust on the Tube is different to dust found above ground. We're committed to maintaining the cleanest air possible for our staff and customers when using the Tube.

To do this we're funding more research to understand the potential health impacts of Tube dust, continuing to improve our monitoring programme, rolling out enhanced tunnel-cleaning regimes across the network and exploring the latest innovations to tackle this issue.

We compare the levels of dust on the network to the safe levels set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The monitoring shows that dust levels are well below the HSE workplace exposure limits for general dust. We also meet the stricter requirements of the Institute of Occupational Medicine in most places.

Our monitoring reports