Past environment monitoring & reporting

A 2017 proposal outlining a national vehicle scrappage fund is on the Ultra Low Emissions Zone publications page.

Research (from before 2013)

Impact of Olympic Route Networks

In 2011/12, we carried out analysis to understand the potential impacts of the Olympic and Paralympic Route Networks on air quality in London. 

LED street lighting trial

Assess customer views towards LED lighting in trial locations (March 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.35MB)

LEZ communications development

Evaluate and inform the development of creative materials which are intended to maximise compliance with Phases 3 and 4 of the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) (August 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)

Electric vehicles

Understand the consumer and business landscape across the electric vehicle market, and opportunities for TfL (May 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.49MB)

Modal shift triggers in Richmond

Travel behaviour change among people who had shifted to sustainable modes and the impact of communications and initiatives in these shifts (March 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 4.32MB)

Hybrid buses

Customer and driver experience of hybrid buses across eight hybrid bus models (September 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.43MB)

Taxi & private hire smarter driving

Awareness and views of smarter driving and eco maintenance techniques among taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers and owners, and PHV operators (September 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.42MB)

Pledge exploratory research

The journey of behaviour change to inform and evaluate the development of a sustainable travel customer relationship management system (April 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 2.88MB)

Enterprise segmentation

Appeal of TfL's Enterprise scheme among small and medium-sized businesses, segmentation of the market and guidance to increase uptake and retention (April 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 5.11MB)

Smarter Travel Richmond

Reactions to a range of initiatives, interventions and advertising concepts to promote smarter travel within Richmond (December 2008)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.85MB)

British Motor Show evaluation

Reactions towards TfL's stand and effectiveness of the promotion of the safer and smarter driving message (September 2008)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.17MB)

Teens into active travel

Motivations and barriers for 12 to 18-year-olds engaging in active travel (cycling, walking) (September 2008)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.74MB)

Smarter Travel Richmond

Development and implementation of marketing communications to encourage smarter travel choices among Richmond residents (August 2008)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 2.19MB)

Research into what our customers think and how they behave helps us identify their key issues, areas for improvement and allows us to seek their views on new initiatives to inform our decision making.

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