What we're doing

We held a consultation on our proposals in early 2020. Our consultation report, including our response to issues raised during the consultation, is available on our consultation hub - Have Your Say.

We proposed to:

  • Alter the shape of the roundabout as well as do resurfacing to improve safety and facilitate new crossing facilities
  • Take space from the centre of the roundabout to increase the number of traffic lanes - this will improve safety and allow better lane discipline
  • Put new signal controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities (Toucans) on the north, west and south arms of the roundabout
  • Put a new signal-controlled Toucan crossing at Cole Park Road
  • Reshape/relocate or remove existing uncontrolled crossings/pedestrian refuges
  • Realign kerbs on the southern side of the roundabout to accommodate footpath widening and resurfacing
  • Create appropriate drainage and review street lighting

We have since added these amendments:

  • We propose to reduce the speed limit along the A316 between Whitton roundabout and St Margaret's roundabout from 40mph to 30mph. This will help reduce vehicle speeds on approach to the new crossings and allow those using the new bus stops to cross the road more safely
  • A bus stop west of Cole Park Road will need to be moved further east for safety and visibility - it's been in place since the consultation closed as part of alterations to the 110 bus route

Why we're doing the work

Improving the roundabout would bring wider benefits for users of the A316 and A310 corridors.

These could include an:

  • Improved environment for people cycling and walking, with a continuous corridor for cyclists along the A316, as well as an alternative north-south facility for cyclists parallel to the roundabout. It also provides better facilities and a safer environment for vulnerable road users
  • Improved journey time reliability for buses (north to south)
  • Enhanced street environment including resurfacing and refreshed landscaping

We committed to review safety at the London Road roundabout after improvements were made there in April 2013.