A40 Westway

The Westway is a key strategic route, used by 96,000 vehicles a day. Major refurbishment work is now needed to keep the A40 Westway and surrounding road network running reliably in the future.

Lane restrictions and some partial closures of the A40 at night and on some weekends will help us do the work safely and efficiently. Once a contractor is appointed we'll develop a traffic management plan - check back here for details of planned closures/restrictions and diversion routes.

Speed limit restriction as of 27 January 2020

The speed limit on a 600 metre (approximately) stretch of the A40 between Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park is now 30mph, down from the previous 40mph.

Slowing the speed helps protect a joint in the road there until it can be replaced.

Next steps

We are looking for a contractor to appoint in 2020 to develop the designs, traffic management options and proposals for the refurbishment.

Given the scale of the structure, and that some sections are a higher priority than others, we plan to do the work in phases.

Along with the appointed contractor, we will work with interested parties to plan access and agree how to offset the temporary impact of the construction works.

Key elements of the work needed include:

  • Replacement of roller-shutter expansion joints
  • Replacement of comb expansion joints
  • Installation of safety barriers to protect parapets at high risk places (for example, over live railways)
  • Carriageway surfacing and waterproofing where expansion joints are replaced
  • Localised concrete repairs
  • Drainage investigations
  • Bearings investigations

What we've done

a40 westway aerial

Between 2015 and 2017 we inspected and surveyed all residential and business premises beneath the Westway to help us understand its condition.

We also surveyed different parts of the Westway elevated structures and Marylebone flyover, including the drainage, waterproofing, expansion joints, surfacing, structural concrete and parapets.

We investigated the road surface on the Westway and Marylebone flyover by digging trial holes, taking core samples and surveying the drainage system.

After our March 2018 report on the investigations and options for maintaining and refurbishing the Westway and Marylebone flyover structures, a decision was made to go ahead with the project. Financial constraints at the time meant this was put on hold, but in December 2019 we decided to move forward with design and construction plans for the project.

Aerial shot of A40 Westway