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Temporary partition screens in private hire vehicles

We have received a large number of applications from private hire operators, individual private hire drivers and some suppliers of partitions. Our role is to ensure the installation of any such screens, and the materials used, comply with government and industry regulations and TfL's requirements as the licensing authority.

Approved partition screens


We are pleased to inform you that Toyota is now manufacturing temporary partition screens that are suitable for a variety of Toyota vehicle models.

Drivers/vehicle owners or PHV operators will be able to arrange installation at local Toyota dealerships. Please contact your local Toyota dealership for more information.

The current temporary partition screens are available for the following Toyota models:

  • Toyota Corolla (Hatchback; Estate and Sedan models) (January 2019 onwards)
  • Toyota Auris (May 2015 onwards)
  • Toyota C-HR (2016 onwards)
  • Toyota Prius (2010 onwards)
  • Toyota Prius Plug-in (September 2016 onwards)
  • Toyota Camry (September 2017 onwards)
  • Toyota Camry (April 2018 onwards)
  • Lexus UX (October 2018 onwards)

Currently, partitions are not approved for use in the Toyota Prius+ or RAV4 models due to these vehicle models having a larger interior. However, there will be a suitable partition screen for this model type available in the very near future.

Please keep checking this page for updates.

Further information here:

Approvals process

Any aftermarket modifications or installation of additional features to a licensed private hire vehicle must gain prior approval from Transport for London. This includes the installation of partition screens. 

We've had extensive discussions with Millbrook and HORIBA MIRA, two industry leading automotive testing facilities, and we are pleased to confirm that both are offering bespoke assessment for the installation of partition screens in licensed PHVs. The assessment considers the appropriateness of the screen and installation process for specific models of vehicles in accordance with automotive standards. 

The inspection and assessment criteria for temporary partition screens can be found here: 

London Cab Orders - taxis

Legislation and guidance - private hire operators

Third party data protection requests

All requests for third party information need to be submitted on the attached PDF TPH/211 form, which can be completed electronically in Adobe Reader.

Under data protection legislation, TfL is only allowed to share personal information if there is a proper reason or 'legal basis' to do so. For a full understanding of the circumstances in which we might disclose to a third party please visit our taxi and private hire pages on privacy and personal information.