Contactless payment

We publish statistics relating to pay as you go journeys made using contactless payment cards. The information is presented by four-weekly accounting periods starting in April 2014 and includes:

  • Numbers of bus and tram journeys; London Underground/DLR journeys; National Rail journeys
  • The revenue associated with these journeys
  • The number of incomplete rail journeys (ie journeys where a customer has only touched in or touched out) and associated revenue, for which a maximum fare is typically charged
  • Details relating to the various means by which incomplete journeys are corrected and/or refunded when a customer has been charged a maximum fare. This includes automatic completion, whereby the TfL automatically corrects and/or refunds a maximum fare in certain circumstances and self-serve refunds, where customers have applied for a refund through their TfL online account or via the TfL Customer Services helpline
  • Further information on incomplete journeys and maximum fares is included within the spreadsheet