Bus fleet data & audits

  • The current fleet size of 9,367 buses represents an increase of 181 buses in comparison to the last fleet audit (31 March 2016) total of 9,186. This total includes: 801 New Routemasters, 22 electric buses, 8 Fuel cell buses and 1,939 Hybrid buses (including new Routemasters).
  • Apart from 10 vintage Routemasters running on one heritage route in central London, the Capital's entire bus fleet is low-floor and wheelchair accessible

The entire fleet is now the equivalent Euro IV or better following the retrofitting of around a quarter of the fleet with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) equipment. All Euro IIIs are now fitted with SCR

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About the Bus Engineering team

The Bus Engineering team are responsible for the setting, monitoring and maintenance of bus engineering standards that bus operators must meet to satisfy TfL that all customers travelling on buses have safe and reliable vehicles.

They work in partnership with other authorised agencies to ensure the management of engineering quality monitoring programs are maintained with each individual bus operator to a consistently high quality in engineering standards.

They carry out the technical evaluation for a number of ongoing technology demonstration trials with the aim to deliver innovative and sustainable design solutions to introduce cleaner and emissions-free vehicles into the bus fleet.

Their other workstreams include providing regular fleet audit reports, maintenance of the London bus design and the technical specification documents (which define all bus-type build standards for the bus manufacturers).


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