Customers' information needs

Perceptions of London's streets among older people

To explore older people's perceptions of London's streets and understand the barriers to walking to help inform TfL's new strategy to walking

Perceptions of London's streets among children and their parents

Freight retiming and consolidation

Understand current practices, barriers, benefits and reception to retiming and consolidating deliveries for both businesses and operators in London. 

MOBiNET Dial-a-Ride trial

To explore customer reactions to the text/call alert service trialled on some Dial-a-Ride services to establish if this feature should be rolled out across all Dial-a-Ride services in London.

Attitudes towards walking

To understand Londoners' frequency of walking, their attitudes towards increasing the amount they walk, and the motivators and barriers they face.

Quietways wayfinding user testing

Understand what is working well in the Quietways signage design and how TfL can optimise on-street signage and wayfinding tools.

Digital whiteboards desk review

To provide an overview of insights from recent research projects related to customer information, whiteboards and digital formats.

Apps powered by TfL

To understand the transport apps market and whether customers have any unmet needs. To identify any gaps/opportunities for TfL that could help inform the development of our apps strategy.

Social media satisfaction

To measure satisfaction with TfL social media channels and to understand their impact on travel behavior. 

TfL and social media

To understand TfL's role on social media and how our social media strategy can be better adapted to meet customer needs and expectations.  

Digital media monitor (among online Londoners) - autumn 2015

To explore how Londoners use digital media to plan and make journeys. 

Customer information touchpoints

Reviewing customer needs and TfL's delivery of customer information. This work explores how TfL can develop and improve its customer information in order to improve its reputation and customer satisfaction, as well as keeping up with customer expectation

TfL whiteboard posters

Research to explore what role whiteboards play in the broader customer information strategy and how the design can be optimised to meet customers' needs.

Good service trial

Research to understand the views of staff and customers of the trial messaging around Good Service. 

Twitter customer satisfaction

To assess satisfaction with the TfL Twitter feeds amongst users (September 2013)

Countdown and Live next bus research

To explore how customers feel about and use different sources of bus information, in particular to explore the value of Countdown at bus stops vs. other information sources (May 2013)

New Bus for London route 24

To assess the performance of a communications campaign to raise awareness of the introduction of New Bus for London to route 24 (September 2013) 

Digital screen evaluation research

To evaluate the effectiveness of new format digital screens displaying bus arrival information and how well they are understood by customers (May 2013)

Twitter Customer Satisfaction 2012

Assess satisfaction with the TfL Twitter feeds among users. (December 2012)

Station WiFi Customer Experience

To understand how customers are using LU station WiFi during their journeys. (November 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.04MB)
Full Report (PDF 2.26MB)

Digital & social media monitor

Establish levels of various online activities including mobile internet and use of TfL's website. (October 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.42MB)

TfL Website Development

To explore how TfL's website should develop in the light of specific responses to TfL's website and changing consumer use of digital media in general (August 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.04MB)
Full Report (PDF 2.06MB)

TfLTrafficNews Twitter handle user profile survey

To understand who used the TfLTrafficNews Twitter feed (now closed) when, where and how, and what impact it had on TfL's reputation. (July 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.28MB)

LU Customer Facing Language

To evaluate whether there is a suitable alternative to the word 'severe' with regards to communicating delays to customers (June 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.01MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.36MB)

London 2012 Road Events

To understand the attitudes and awareness of the road events and impacts to the local areas (June 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.89MB)

LU Engineering Works Maps

To establish the most effective sign design to warn customers about oncoming traffic when alighting from the rear platform of the new Bus for London (March 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.01MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.42MB)

Digital media monitor 2012

Monitor customer uptake of web/mobile channels and changes in usage patterns, with particular interest in social media (February 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.84MB)

Social media use in TPH

Scoping exercise looking at the use of social media among taxi and private hire drivers and customers (November 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.90MB)

Research into what our customers think and how they behave helps us identify their key issues, areas for improvement and allows us to seek their views on new initiatives to inform our decision making.

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