Bank station capacity upgrade

The entire project at Bank and Monument stations - including new station entrances, lifts, escalators, walkways and platforms - was completed in February 2023.

On the Government's legislative website you can see the full London Underground (Bank Station Capacity Upgrade) Order 2015. This includes sections on work provisions, acquisition and possession of land and various schedules related to the Order.

Below you will find our TWAO application documents, our applications for Listed buildings consents, factsheets about aspects of the project, and our Statement of case.

Non technical summary (PDF 2.0MB)

Contents and glossary (PDF 830KB)

Chapter 1 Introduction (PDF 234KB)

Chapter 2 Planning policy (PDF 235KB)

Chapter 3 Site and surroundings (PDF 844KB)

Chapter 4 Proposed development (PDF 206KB)

Chapter 5 Consideration of alternatives (PDF 486KB)

Chapter 6 Method of assessment (PDF 348KB)

Chapter 7 Townscape and visual effects (PDF 775KB)

Chapter 8 Transport and movement (PDF 7.3MB)

Chapter 9 Noise and vibration (PDF 953KB)

Chapter 10 Built heritage (PDF 418KB)

Chapter 11 Archaeology (PDF 474KB)

Chapter 12 Air quality (PDF 563KB)

Chapter 13 Water resources and flood risk (PDF 721KB)

Chapter 14 Land contamination (PDF 395KB)

Chapter 15 Waste management and resource use (PDF 417KB)

Chapter 16 Socio-economics (PDF 486KB)

Chapter 17 Inter-relationships and cumulative effects (PDF 326KB)

Chapter 18 Summary of mitigation measures (PDF 442KB)

Environmental statement figures volume (PDF 11.6MB)

Appendix 1.1 Scoping report (PDF 3.3MB)

Appendix 1.2 Scoping responses (PDF 2.3MB)

Appendix 1.3 Scoping opinion comments (PDF 127KB)

Appendix 2.1 Policy matrix (PDF 929KB)

Appendix 3 No associated appendix (PDF 55KB)

Appendix 4.1 Draft CoCP (PDF 2.9MB)

Appendix 5 No associated appendix (PDF 55KB)

Appendix 6.1 Health impact assessment (PDF 2.0MB)

Appendix 6.2 Sustainability statement (PDF 2.8MB)

Appendix 6.3 Energy statement (PDF 1.4MB)

Appendix 7.1 Visual impact study (PDF 7.0MB)

Appendix 7.2 Photographs and 3D images (PDF 2.6MB)

Appendix 8.1 Transport assessment (PDF 21.4MB)

Appendix 8.2 Outline CLP (PDF 4.6MB)

Appendix 8.3 Utilities ES highway assessment (PDF 1.8MB)

Appendix 9.1 N&V perceptions and terminology (PDF 168KB)

Appendix 9.2 N&V surveys (PDF 206KB)

Appendix 9.3 Anderson acoustics report (PDF 7.6MB)

Appendix 9.4 Demolition and construction assessment (PDF 427KB)

Appendix 9.5 N&V from underground construction (PDF 117KB)

Appendix 9.6 Road traffic flows (PDF 590KB)

Appendix 9.7 Fixed plant noise assessment (PDF 215KB)

Appendix 9.8 Operational groundborne N&V (PDF 1.3MB)

Appendix 10.1 Gazetteer of built heritage assets (PDF 174KB)

Appendix 10.2 Building damage assessment reports (PDF 14.7MB)

Appendix 10.3 10 KWS heritage statement addendum (PDF 2.0MB)

Appendix 11.1 Archaeology baseline assessment (PDF 25.1MB)

Appendix 12.1 Construction dust assessment methodology (PDF 236KB)

Appendix 12.2 Road traffic emissions assessment methodology (PDF 324KB)

Appendix 12.3 Local authority monitoring and measurement data (PDF 112KB)

Appendix 12.4 Sensitivity analysis (PDF 230KB)

Appendix 13.1 Flood risk assessment (PDF 1.4MB)

Appendix 13.2 Water resources baseline report (PDF 1.8MB)

Appendix 14.1 Geotechnical baseline report (PDF 6.7MB)

Appendix 14.2 Geotechnical desk study - Part 1 (PDF 26.8MB)

Appendix 14.2 Geotechnical desk study - Part 2 (PDF 23.0MB)

Appendix 14.3 Unexploded ordnance desk study (PDF 8.6MB)

Appendix 14.4 81 KWS site investigation report (PDF 3.0MB)

Appendix 14.5 10 KWS borehole records (PDF 1.1MB)

Appendix 14.6 The Walbrook site investigation (PDF 6.0MB)

Appendix 14.7 NM Rothschild ground investigation (PDF 3.7MB)

Appendix 14.8 The Walbrook Square borehole information (PDF 1.1MB)

Appendix 14.9 Abstraction and historic wells current status (PDF 2.6MB)

Appendix 14.10 Envirocheck report Part 1 (PDF 5.6MB)

Appendix 14.10 Envirocheck report Part 2 (PDF 24.4MB)

Appendix 14.10 Envirocheck report Part 3 (PDF 23.6MB)

Appendix 15 No associated appendix (PDF 57KB)

Appendix 16 No associated appendix (PDF 55KB)

Appendix 17 No associated appendix (PDF 57KB)

Appendix 18 No associated appendix (PDF 58KB)