Fares & ticketing

Exploring cashless stations

Research to explore the potential impact of cashless stations and gather an evidence base for decision making for post-pandemic cash acceptance.

Contactless benefits and Monday-Sunday capping message proposition

Research to explore people's awareness of contactless and their responses to benefit-led messaging and Monday to Sunday capping propositions. 

Victoria Station contactless

Research to understand experiences and expectations of the ticket office closure and explore responses to and the impact of contactless messaging.

Contactless messaging research

Research to explore customer responses to a range of message propositions for a new TfL campaign aimed at increasing use of contactless. 

TfL ticketing app

 How can a TfL Ticketing App that delivers relevant, tailored ticketing solutions be developed to best improve customers' experiences?

Cash payment on buses

Why customers pay cash on bus services (July 2013)

Outstanding Oyster balances

Why some customers have not used their Oyster card in the past six months, why they have not claimed back the balance, and their future plans for the card (July 2013)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.44MB)

London Underground ticketing

Develop LU ticketing customer experience metrics (July 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.97MB)

Oyster brand research

Explore the Oyster brand from the customer perspective (October 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 12.25MB)

Cash payment on buses

The impact of withdrawing cash fares on buses (August 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.35MB)

Customer experiences of ticketing

What happens when customers have a problem with their Oyster card/ticket (April 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.17MB)

Royal Wedding Oyster card

Take up and usage of the Royal Wedding Oyster card (April 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.01MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.13MB)

Bus fare evasion

Understand the drivers of fare evasion among potential and occasional evaders. Explore their response to various types of messages, in particular those positioning fare evasion as socially unacceptable (November 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.17MB)

Ticket purchase channel choice

Usage of ticketing purchase channels and inform strategy to increase off-system Oyster card sales (October 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.95MB)

Understanding visitor ticketing

Visitor awareness, usage and attitudes towards ticketing products and purchase channels (June 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.89MB)

Increasing Oyster registrations

Quantify the opportunity for further Oyster registrations and inform related marketing activity (March 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.67MB)

Taxi & Private Hire card payment

Interest in the concept of card payment among both taxi customers and drivers (September 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.99MB)

Fares information review

Customer information needs in relation to fares and ticketing, and how this should be delivered (July 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.45MB)

Oyster on rail services

Customer knowledge about using Oyster on National Rail services in London and perceptions of the roll-out of Oyster across the network (May 2009)

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Full Report (PDF 0.37MB)

Oyster database marketing

Customers' acceptance and appetite for increased or different information and marketing communications from TfL via electronic channels (April 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.77MB)

Oyster Auto Top-up

Awareness, understanding and appeal of Oyster Auto Top-up (April 2009)

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Full Report (PDF 0.45MB)

Research into what our customers think and how they behave helps us identify their key issues, areas for improvement and allows us to seek their views on new initiatives to inform our decision making.

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