The contract was awarded to RiverLinx Limited, a consortium made up of Aberdeen Standard Investments, BAM PPP PGGM, Cintra, Macquarie Capital and SK Engineering & Construction.

Redacted contract

The Project Agreement (including Schedule 1 Definitions and Interpretations)

PDF 1.32MB

Schedule 2: Programme

PDF 1.48MB

Schedule 3: Project Co Mobilisation Plan

PDF 1.33MB

Schedule 4: Land Requirements

PDF 2.73MB

Schedule 5: Allocation of DCO and Other Requirements

PDF 9.67MB

Schedule 6: Interested Parties, Third Parties and Liaison Procedures

PDF 21.23MB

Schedule 7: Responsible Procurement

PDF 1.73MB

Schedule 8: Management Systems

PDF 3.86MB

Schedule 9: Certification and Review Procedure

PDF 1.95MB

Schedule 10: Design and Construction Requirements

PDF 6.38MB

Schedule 11: TfL Technology Requirements

PDF 1.79MB

Schedule 12: Environmental Requirements

PDF 1.35MB

Schedule 13: Network Occupancy

PDF 1.58MB

Schedule 14: User Charging Interface

PDF 1.37MB

Schedule 15: Design & Construction Performance Monitoring

PDF 3.48MB

Schedule 16: Records and Reporting

PDF 1.86MB

Schedule 17: Handover and Permit To Use Requirements

PDF 1.81MB

Schedule 18: Operation and Maintenance Requirements

PDF 1.61MB

Schedule 19: Handback Requirements

PDF 3.03MB

Schedule 20: Payment Mechanism

PDF 1.33MB

Schedule 21: Insurance

PDF 1.44MB

Schedule 22: Change Procedure

PDF 1.48MB

Schedule 23: Dispute Resolution Procedure

PDF 1.39MB

Schedule 24: Commercially Sensitive Information

PDF 1.59MB

Schedule 25: Base Case

PDF 1.36MB

Schedule 26: Refinancing

PDF 1.35MB

Schedule 27: Compensation on Termination

PDF 1.43MB

Schedule 28: Direct Agreements and other Contracts and Agreements

PDF 1.96MB

Schedule 29: Project Co and Hold Co Information

PDF 1.35MB

Schedule 30: Ground Conditions

PDF 3.68MB

Schedule 31: Consents

PDF 1.77MB

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