Elizabeth line committee

The committee will receive regular update reports and assurance on the progress of the Crossrail Project including, without limitation, reports and assurance on safety aspects of the Crossrail Project and will provide oversight on the completion and close out of the Crossrail Project and the opening of the Elizabeth line.

Members: Heidi Alexander (Chair), Anne McMeel (Vice Chair), Prof Greg Clark CBE, Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, Mark Phillips and Sarah Atkins (non-voting). Kathryn Cearns OBE will attend as the Government Representative.

2021 meeting papers

Meeting videos

Members are currently holding video meetings virtually to meet social distancing requirements. See a live stream or recorded session on our Committee and panel meetings page on YouTube.

2020 meeting papers

The papers for the meeting scheduled for 29 October 2020 were published but the meeting was subsequently postponed as TfL continued funding discussions with Government. The meeting was rescheduled to 26 November 2020 and agenda items have been updated as required.