Elizabeth line committee

The committee will receive regular update reports and assurance on the progress of the Crossrail Project including, without limitation, reports and assurance on safety aspects of the Crossrail Project and will provide oversight on the completion and close out of the Crossrail Project and the opening of the Elizabeth line.

Committee members are listed on the Elizabeth line committee details page

Meeting agenda and papers

Agendas, papers and minutes for meetings held after August 2021 are available on our Elizabeth line committee meetings page.

Meeting videos

The public is entitled to observe meetings unless information that is exempt from publication is being discussed. Attend a meeting in person, or watch a live stream or recorded session on our Committee and panel meetings page on YouTube.


TfL's decision-making structure and proceedings, together with Schemes of Delegation and Authorities, are laid out in the TfL standing orders. The TfL committees and panels document sets out the terms of reference for each committee and panel.

Both TfL's standing orders and TfL committees and panels documents can be found on the Standing orders page.

You are welcome to attend any meeting of TfL's Board, committees and/or panels. These are held in public, except where private, personal or specific financial information is to be discussed.

The date, time and venue for upcoming meetings is listed on the Public notice of meetings and on the meetings pages for the Board and each committee and panel. The public notice, plus other information on our meetings and Board Members, is available on the How we are governed page.

Papers are published five working days before each meeting (unless accepted by the relevant Chair as urgent items). When cases are urgent, decisions can be taken by the Chair, in consultation with Members, exercising Chair's Action. These are reported to the next available meeting and any public papers published.

2022 meeting papers

2021 (from before August 2021) meeting papers

2020 meeting papers

The papers for the meeting scheduled for 29 October 2020 were published but the meeting was subsequently postponed as TfL continued funding discussions with Government. The meeting was rescheduled to 26 November 2020 and agenda items have been updated as required.