Road space

Tackling London's road congestion

This plan outlines measures aimed at directly tackling growing congestion on London's roads and improving reliability for all road users.

Awareness of the ORN and PRN

To understand the awareness, understanding and attitudes to the introduction of the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and Paralympic Route Network (PRN) - whether Londoners understand the implications to the enforcement to take place and what key messages need to be communicated (July 2012)

Summary (PDF 0.08MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.57MB)

Driver tool communications research

To evaluate a number of creative adverts to decide on the best route forward (September 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.27MB)

Highway assets - footways

Survey of customer views to establish priorities for improvements to pavements (April 2011)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 3.65MB)

Congestion charging communications

Assist in the selection and development of a unified creative approach for Congestion Charging advertising (November 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.03MB)
Full Report (PDF 1.47MB)

Highway assets - carriageways

Survey of customer minimum and preferred levels of service with respect to specific carriageway condition defects. This allows TfL's Highways Asset Investment team to investigate minimum and preferred funding requirements and to set maintenance targets (September 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 3.24MB)

Attitudes to FORS

Identify current perceptions and awareness of TfL's Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) among members and non-members and to benchmark FORS against similar schemes and establish willingness to pay for existing and potential elements of this (August 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.54MB)

Car park usage

Understand the customer and usage profiles at Underground station car parks (April 2010)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.33MB)

Smoothing the traffic flow

Perceived importance and effectiveness of proposed interventions to smooth the traffic flow in London (August 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.51MB)

How road users perceive the network and what their needs are in terms of operational factors and information. Testing response to some potential interventions (April 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.31MB)

Freight public perceptions

Awareness of issues related to the London Freight Plan and support for actions addressing these (April 2009)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.36MB)

Red Route awareness

Awareness of the concept of Red Routes among Londoners and when and where exemptions apply (October 2008)

Summary (PDF 0.02MB)
Full Report (PDF 0.30MB)

Research into what our customers think and how they behave helps us identify their key issues, areas for improvement and allows us to seek their views on new initiatives to inform our decision making.

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