Elizabeth line benefits framework

The new railway will transform life and travel in London and the South East. It will reduce journey times, create additional capacity, transform accessibility and provide a huge economic boost.

The new railway, delivered by Crossrail Ltd, will run for more than 100km through central London - from Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east to Reading and Heathrow in the west.

With a total of 41 stations, including 10 major new stations, the Elizabeth line will connect London's main employment centres, and support new journeys through central London out to Essex, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire.

Why are we managing benefits and evaluating impacts of the Crossrail investment?

Understanding the benefits and outcomes of Crossrail and the Elizabeth line will enable us to:

  • Maximise the return on investment
  • Demonstrate value for money
  • Learn important lessons

Our approach

Two exercises will take place:

Benefits management and optimisation

  • Tracking indicators to draw an early picture of how well the railway is performing against our expectations
  • Focusing on information needed to take any necessary action to ensure we realise the benefits in full and on time


  • Working with partners to analyse those impacts of the Elizabeth line that will take longer to emerge, such as transport mode shift, economic growth and other social impacts
  • Examining the return on investment offered using actual observations of benefits

Alignment with best practice

Our benefits management approach aligns with industry best practice, with clarity about:

  • The relationship between the project outputs and the benefits (and disbenefits) being monitored
  • The responsibilities and accountabilities for gathering and analysing data
  • The process for recommending and deciding upon courses of action to ensure benefits are realised in full and on time

Elizabeth line baseline study

The baseline study involved collecting comprehensive baseline data to support future post-opening evaluation studies, as well as the evaluation of the pre-opening impacts of Crossrail.

The study considered a range of areas that will be impacted by the new railway, from transport and construction to land, property, the local economy and regeneration.