Board papers

The Board holds the executive to account for delivery of the Business Plan and operational and budgetary performance.

TfL's decision-making structure and proceedings, together with Schemes of Delegation and Authorities, are laid out in the TfL Standing Orders.

You are welcome to attend any meeting of TfL's Board. These are held in public, except where private, personal or specific financial information is to be discussed. These meetings are also recorded and webcast live. You can access the live stream or recordings on the GLA website.

Papers are published five working days before each meeting (unless accepted by the relevant Chair as urgent items).

The date, time and venue for upcoming meetings is listed on the public notice of meetings. This notice, plus more information on our meetings and Board Members, is available on the How we are governed page.

2020 meeting papers

Following the advice from Government to limit non-essential travel to help control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the meeting of the Board scheduled for 18 March 2020 did not take place. The public and press were informed.

Board Members instead were consulted on the issues that required decision on the published agenda for the meeting. The Chair was then asked to use, and subsequently exercised, Chair's Action to approve the decisions recommended by Members. This will be reported to the next meeting of the Board.

The papers marked "To Follow" on the main agenda will be published in a Supplementary Agenda on 24 July 2020. The Revised Budget (item 9) will form part of that agenda but has been published (above) in advance.

Item 8 on the agenda, Funding Update, was marked to follow. This item will now be a verbal update, without a supporting paper.