Equality & inclusion publications

Understanding London's travel needs

This document details research which has been undertaken to identify the different barriers faced by London's communities when accessing transport.

It also describes travel patterns and behaviour of different groups and their attitudes towards issues such as fares, personal safety and security, and their satisfaction with the services we offer.

Action on Equality

This document sets out our equality commitments from 2016-20. We will publish our progress towards delivering our objectives each year.

The way we treat our customers, support our people and work with our partners is central to making every journey matter. Action on Equality is underpinned by our vision for equality - every person matters - clearly supports our purpose of keeping London moving, working and growing and making life in our city better.

Gender pay gap reporting

The aim of the Gender pay gap report is to be open and transparent about our overall gender pay gap figures ahead of mandatory government regulations. 

Single Equality Scheme

The Single Equality Scheme sets out our plans to continue improving travel choices, promote equality and enhance access to transport services and employment for all groups who live, work and travel in London.

Independent Disability Advisory Group

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