Congestion Charge and Low Emissions Zone factsheets

These factsheets include information about how many people pay the Congestion Charge (CC) and the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charge and the number of Penalty Charge Notices that are issued.

The zone maps can be downloaded in pdf format from this page or you can view the interactive Low Emission Zone map.

The downloadable maps below are a web version of the Deposited Plans and are provided as a resource to help explain the Scheme. The Low Emission Zone is shaded green (rather than stippled) in the downloadable maps for clarity. The formal Deposited Plans are available to view on request.

Total Low Emission Zone

Low Emission Zone map (PDF 1.6MB)

LEZ boundary quadrants

South East quadrant map (PDF 710KB)
South West quadrant map (PDF 730KB)
North West quadrant map (PDF 630KB)
North East quadrant map (PDF 654KB)

001 Bexley River Thames to Ness Rd
002 Bexley Dartford Marshes 1
003 Bexley Dartford Marshes 2
005 Bexley Thames Rd to Crayford Way
006 Bexley Maidens Lane to Royston Rd
007 Bexley Galloway Drive to East Rochester Way
008 Bexley Bourne Rd to Southwold Rd
009 Bexley The Firs to North Cray Rd
009A Bexley Tile Kiln Lane to Old Bexley Lane
009B Bexley Joydens Wood
009C Bexley Chalk Wood
009D Bexley Maidstone Road
010 Bexley North Cray Rd to Water Lane
013 Bexley Crittalls Corner
014 Bromley Ruxley Corner to A20
015 Bromley A20 to Cookham Rd
016 Bromley Hockenden Lane to Star Lane
017 Bromley Chapmans Lane to Sheepcote Lane
018 Bromley Sheepcote Lane
019 Bromley Sheepcote Lane to Cockmannings Lane
020 Bromley Cockmannings Lane to Gorse Rd
021 Bromley Gorse Rd to Skeet Hill Lane
022 Bromley Owen Wood
023 Bromley Hawstead Lane to Hewitts Rd
024 Bromley Hewitts Rd to Sevenoaks Rd
025 Bromley Sevenoaks Rd to Rushmore Hill
026 Bromley Rushmore Hill to Charmwood Lane
027 Bromley Port Hill to Washneys Rd
028 Bromley New Years Lane
029 Bromley Cackets Lane to Cudham Lane South
030 Bromley Cudham Lane South
031 Bromley Cudham Lane to Viewland Rd
032 Bromley Grays Rd
033 Bromley Grays Rd to Tatsfield Lane
034 Bromley Cudham Rd to Tatsfield Lane
035 Bromley Biggin Hill 1
036 Bromley Biggin Hill 2
037 Bromley Lusted Hall Lane 1
038 Bromley Lusted Hall Lane 2
039 Bromley Norheads Lane
040 Bromley Mollards Wood
041 Bromley Skid Hill Lane 1
042a Bromley Fairchildes Av to Skid Hill Lane
042 Bromley Skid Hill Lane 2
043 Bromley King Henrys Drive to Featherbed Lane
044 Croydon Featherbed Lane 1
045 Croydon Featherbed Lane 2
046 Croydon Featherbed Lane to Gravel Hill
047 Croydon Frith Wood
048 Croydon Puplet Wood to Old Farleigh Rd
049 Croydon Old Farleigh Rd to Addington Rd
050 Croydon Addington Rd to Limpsfield Rd
051 Croydon Limpsfield Rd to Wentworth Way
052 Croydon Wentworth Way to Ansley Berry Shaw
053 Croydon Godstone Rd to Valley Rd
054A Croydon Godstone Rd
054B Croydon Godstone Rd to Purley Rd
054C Croydon Beverley Rd to Kenley Common
054D Croydon Kenley Common
054 Croydon Godstone Rd to Kenley Ln
057 Croydon Hays Ln to Stites Hill Rd
058A Croydon Stites Hill Rd to Coulsdon Rd 2
058B Croydon Coulsdon Rd to Marlpit Ln
058 Croydon Stites Hill Rd to Coulsdon Rd 1
062 Croydon Marlpit Ln to Brighton Rd
063 Croydon Marlpit Ln to Chipstead Valley Rd
064 Sutton Chipstead Valley Rd to Whitethorn Ave
065 Sutton Carshalton Rd to Hatch Lane
066 Sutton Fairlawn Rd to Carshalton Rd
067 Sutton Cotswold Rd to Sutton Lane
068 Sutton Northey Ave to The Drive
069 Sutton Upper Mulgrave Rd to Northey Ave
070 Sutton Tudor Close to Anne Boleyns Walk
071 Sutton London Rd to Ewell Rd
072 Sutton Dalmeny Rd to Waverley Rd
073 Sutton Central Rd to Cheam Common Rd
074 Sutton Malden Rd to Central Rd
075 Kingston Malden Rd to Malden Way
076 Kingston Malden Way to Tolworth Rise South
077 Kingston Tolworth Rise North to Kingston Bypass And Kingston Road
078 Kingston Kingston Bypass Hook Road North And South
079 Kingston Hook Rd to Kingston Bypass
080 Kingston Rd to Wandle Ct
081 Kingston Hogsmill River to Moor Ln
082 Kingston Bridge Rd
083 Kingston Horton Park Golf Course
084 Kingston Four Acre Wood to Pond Wood
085 Kingston Kingston Pond Wood to Rushett Ln
086 Kingston Rushett Ln to Fairoak Ln
087 Kingston Sixty Acre Wood
088 Kingston A3 Esher Bypass
089 Kingston A3 to Devon Way
090 Kingston A3 to Kingston Bypass
091 Kingston Hook Rd to Upper Brighton Road
092 Kingston Upper Brighton Rd to Brighton Rd
093 Richmond Brighton Rd to Queens Dve
094 Richmond Queens Dve to Pavillion Terrace Path
095 Richmond Pavillion Terrace Path to Hampton Court Rd
096 Richmond Hampton Court Road
097 Richmond Hampton Court Rd to Upper Sunbury Rd
098 Richmond Upper Sunbury Rd to Kempton Park
099 Hounslow Kempton Park Racecourse
100 Hounslow A316 Country Way
101 Hounslow Country Way to Feltham Hill Rd
102 Hounslow Feltham Hill Rd to Ashford Rd
103 Hounslow Ashford Rd to Chattern Hill
104 Hounslow Dukes Cl to Clockhouse Ln
105 Hounslow Clockhouse Ln to Westview Cotts
106 Hillingdon Westview Cotts to Bedfont Rd
107 Hillingdon Bedfont Rd to Riverside Rd
108 Hillingdon Southern Perimeter Rd to Western Perimeter Rd
109 Hillingdon Stanwell Moor Rd 1
110 Hillingdon Stanwell Moor Rd 2
111 Hillingdon Stanwell Moor Rd to M25
115 Hillingdon M4 to M25
116 Hillingdon M4 Harmondsworth Rd
117 Hillingdon M4 Holloway Ln
119 Hillingdon M4 Shepiston Lane
120 Hillingdon M4 High St
121 Hillingdon M4 to The Parkway
131 Hillingdon Donkey Ln to Thorney Mill Rd
132 Hillingdon Colne Ave to River Colne
133 Hillingdon Trout Ln to Packet Boat Ln
134 Hillingdon Old Mill Ln
135 Hillingdon Old Mill Ln to Arundel Rd
136 Hillingdon Arundel Rd to St Johns Rd
137 Hillingdon Waterloo Rd to Oxford Rd
138 Hillingdon Oxford Rd to Braybourne Cl
139 Hillingdon Western Ave to Swakeleys Rd
140 Hillingdon Swakeleys Rd to Harvil Rd
141 Hillingdon Harvil Rd 1
142 Hillingdon Harvil Rd 2
143 Hillingdon Harvil Rd to Moorhall Rd
144 Hillingdon Moorhall Rd to Ranston Covert
145 Hillingdon Battlesford Wood to River Colne
146 Hillingdon River Colne to Jacks Ln
147 Hillingdon Jacks Ln to Waterside Mews
148 Hillingdon Sewage Works
149 Hillingdon River Colne to Springwell Ln
150 Hillingdon Harefield Rd to Woodcock Hill Barns
151 Hillingdon Rickmansworth Rd
152 Hillingdon Rickmansworth Rd to Northwood Rd
153 Hillingdon Northwood Rd to White Hill
154 Hillingdon White Hill to Rickmansworth Rd
155 Hillingdon Rickmansworth Rd to Green Lane
156 Harrow Green Ln to Potter Street Hill
157 Harrow South View Rd to Nanscot Wood
158 Harrow Pinnerwood Farm to Oxheylane Farm
159 Harrow Oxhey Ln to Old Redding
160 Harrow Old Redding to Common Rd
161 Harrow Common Rd to Heathbourne Rd
162 Harrow Heathbourne Rd to Stanmore Common
163 Barnet M1
164 Barnet Brockley Hill to Edgware Way
165 Barnet Canons Corner to Edgware Way
166 Barnet M1 Edgwarebury Ln
167 Barnet M1
168 Barnet M1 Springwood Cres
180 Barnet Scratch Wood
181 Barnet Barnet Way to Barnet Bypass
181A Barnet Barnet Road
181B Barnet Barnet Road to Galley Lane
182 Barnet Barnet Bypass to Arkley Lane
183A Barnet Galley Ln to Bridgedown Golf Course
183B Barnet St Albans Rd to Great North Rd
183 Barnet Arkley Lane to Galley Ln
184 Barnet Galley Ln
185 Enfield St Albans Rd to Great North Rd
186 Enfield Hadley Green to Hadley Wood
187 Enfield Crescent West to Waggon Rd
188 Enfield Waggon Rd to Stagg Hill
189 Enfield Stagg Hill to The Ridgeway
190 Enfield A1005
191 Enfield A1005 to East Lodge Lane
192 Enfield East Lodge Lane to Crews Hill
193 Enfield Cattlegate Rd to Tilekin Osiers
194 Enfield Tilekin Osiers to Cinder Ash
195 Enfield Sloemans Farm to Whitewebbs Farm
196 Enfield Whitewebb Lane to Bullsmoor Lane
197 Enfield Bullsmoor Lane to Windward Close
198 Enfield Bullsmoor Lane to Mollison Avenue
199 Enfield Mollison Ave to Deer Park Way
200 Enfield Ramney Marsh to Fogerty Close
201 Enfield Mcclintock Place to Flandrian Close
202 Enfield King Georges Reservoir to Mill Lane
203 Waltham Forest King Georges Reservoir to Boardman Avenue
204 Waltham Forest Sewardstone Road to Chelwood Close
205 Waltham Forest Amesbury Drive to The Green
206 Waltham Forest The Green to Rangers Road
207 Waltham Forest Rangers Road to Whitehall Plain
208 Redbridge Whitehall Plain to Monkhams Lane
209 Redbridge Whitehall Rd to Beresford Drive
210 Redbridge Beresford Drive to Ray Park
211 Redbridge Ray Park to Manor Road
212 Redbridge Chigwell Road to Sewage Works
213 Redbridge Southend Road to Woodford Avenue
214 Redbridge M11 Malmesbury Rd to Maybank Avenue
215 Redbridge Waterworks Corner
216 Redbridge M11 Onslow Gdns to Deynecourt Gdns
217 Redbridge M11 to Redbridge Roundabout
218 Redbridge Manor Road to Tomswood Hill
218A Redbridge Tomswood Hill & Fencepiece Road
219 Redbridge Tomswood Hill to Fulwell Cross
220 Redbridge Fencepiece Rd to Hainault Depot
221 Redbridge Trot Wood to Manor Road
222 Redbridge Brocket Way to Romford Rd
223 Redbridge Romford Rd to Forest Rd
224 Redbridge Hainault Forest Cabin Plain
225 Redbridge Hainault Forest Spurgate Plain
226 Havering Cabin Hill to Osler Bed
227 Havering Osler Bed to Hilly Park
228 Havering Oakhill Rd to North Rd
229 Havering North Road to Broxhill Rd
230 Havering Broxhill Rd to Noak Hill Rd
231 Havering Noak Hill Rd to Noak Hill
232 Havering Chequers Rd to M25
233 Havering Dagnam Park to M25
234 Havering Brook Street Roundabout
235 Havering Colchester Road to Nags Head Lane
236 Havering Nags Head Lane to Warley Road
237 Havering Warley Road to M25
238 Havering Folkes Lane
239 Havering M25 Junction 29
240 Havering Southend Arterial Road
241 Havering M25 Junction 29 to Franks Farm
242 Havering M25 St Marys Lane
243 Havering Clay Tye Lane
244 Havering M25 Ockenden Road
245 Havering Ockenden Road to North Road
246 Havering Pea Lane to Dennises Lane
247 Havering Dennises Lane to Bramble Lane
248 Havering Bramble Lane to Warwick Lane
249 Havering Warwick Lane to Launders Lane
250 Havering Launders Lane to New Road
251 Havering New Road A1306
252 Havering New Road to Wennington Marshes
253 Havering A13 Thames Gateway 1
254 Havering A13 to Thames Gateway 2
255 Havering A13 to Ferry Ln
256 Havering Wennington Marshes to River Thames
257 Havering Aveley Marshes to River Thames