Travel in London reports

Travel in London 2023 - Annual Overview

The Annual Overview summarises the main trends from all other reports in the series and complements them with additional insights to provide a complete overview of progress towards all themes in the Mayor's Transport Strategy (MTS).

Keywords: Summary, Mayor's Transport Strategy (MTS) Tracker, recovery, total travel, mode shares, population, economy, active travel, cycling, walking, road danger, collisions, casualties, KSIs, air quality, ULEZ, carbon dioxide, CO2, NO2, electric vehicles, road traffic, congestion, freight, public transport, safety, customer satisfaction, Care, step-free, crowding, homes, jobs, Good Growth, Northern line extension, Barking Riverside extension, Opportunity Areas.

Travel in London 2023 - Consolidated estimates of travel demand and mode shares

This report summarises trends in total travel in London (including that made by residents, commuters and visitors) and the main factors affecting them over the longer term.

Keywords: Total travel, trips, journey stages, mode shares, active, efficient and sustainable, population, Census, borough, age, ethnicity, travel to work, economy, Gross Value Added (GVA), inflation.

Travel in London 2023 - The travel behaviour of London residents based on the London Travel Demand Survey

This report summarises the main findings of the travel behaviour of London residents as tracked through our London Travel Demand Survey (LTDS).

Keywords: London Travel Demand Survey (LTDS), London resident, trip rates, gender, age, ethnicity, work status, household income, mode, mode share, active, efficient and sustainable, journey purpose, borough, working from home, remote and hybrid working, London area, trip length, trip duration, frequency, physical activity, car ownership.

Travel in London 2023 - Active travel trends

This report summarises the latest trends in key indicators of active travel in London focusing on walking and cycling and including sociodemographic participation. It also includes the latest trends in travel-related physical activity.

Keywords: Active travel, walking, cycling, Santander Cycles, trip rates, pedestrian activity, journey purpose, London area, sociodemographic group, gender, age, ethnicity, work status, household income, disability, cycle journeys, cycling volume, cycling intensity, strategic cordons, London residents, hires, cycle network, physical activity, 20 minutes.

Travel in London 2023 - Trends in public transport demand and operational performance

This report summarises key indicators of demand, service provision and operational performance on the main public transport modes in London.

Keywords: Public transport, bus, London Underground, DLR, London Overground, Elizabeth line, London Trams, National Rail, London River Services, IFS Cloud Cable Car, demand, journeys, passenger kilometres, recovery, service provision, operational performance, scheduled kilometres, operated kilometres, journey time metric, Public Performance Measure (PPM). 

Travel in London 2023 - Road traffic trends

This report summarises the latest trends in road traffic in London and the principal factors affecting these over the longer term, including during the pandemic and early transport recovery.

Keywords: Road traffic, congestion, vehicle type, car, LGV, HGV, strategic cordons, vehicle kilometres, freight, delay, traffic flows.

Travel in London 2023 - Supporting new homes and jobs

This report summarises key trends relating to the Mayor's Transport Strategy aims regarding London's Opportunity Areas and includes a focus section on travel to the Olympic Legacy Opportunity Area.

Keywords: Opportunity Area, Olympic Legacy Opportunity Area, Public Transport Access Level (PTAL), Places for London, Olympic Growth boroughs, housing completions, London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Travel in London 2023 - Focus report: Elizabeth line trends in the first year of operation

This report summarises the main transport impacts of the opening of the Elizabeth line after approximately one year of operation.

Keywords: Elizabeth line, demand, occupancy, standing density, connectivity, journey time, generation, abstraction, customer satisfaction, evaluation.