Consultations & surveys

Have your say

One of the ways we gather feedback is through our digital engagement platform, Have Your Say.

We consult on:

  • New guidance, policy updates and amendments
  • Changes to bus services
  • Relocation of bus stops and shelters
  • Design and management of London roads
  • Major transport projects and developments

How we reach a decision

We always consider feedback during the decision-making process. Final plans will also take other factors into account, including relevant financial, legal, safety and technical issues.

Some decisions, such as highway changes, also depend on decisions made by London boroughs.

Once a decision is made, it is published online.

Find out more about how and why we run consultations.

London Travel Demand Survey

Each year, we randomly select a sample of 8,000 households in London to be interviewed about their travel habits as part of the London Travel Demand Survey.

If you or your household have been chosen to complete the survey, we hope you will take part and help us improve travel and transport for everyone who lives, works and travels in London.

Three questionnaires are carried out:

  • A household questionnaire, including basic information about the household such as vehicle ownership and parking availability
  • An individual questionnaire, completed by all members of the household aged five and over. This includes demographic and travel-related information such as age, working status, frequency of use of transport modes and driving licence holding.
  • A trip sheet, completed by every household member aged five and over. This gathers data on all trips made on a designated travel day. Details captured include trip purposes, modes used, trip start and end times and locations of trip origins and destinations.

The survey helps to raise money for charities - we make a donation for each completed survey.

Latest survey results

The latest available survey results includes data up to 2022/23. The next workbook is due to be published in January 2025.

Travelcard survey

Working with the Rail Delivery Group, we run a survey on Travelcards to help us understand how they're used. It's also an opportunity for us to raise money for charity.

We distribute thousands of Travelcard surveys for customers to record their journeys on public transport. We can't get this data from Oyster records alone because customers using Travelcards on Oyster don't necessarily need to touch in and out when travelling within their ticket's zones.

We donate £2 to charity for each completed survey returned to us, split equally between our four nominated registered charities:

Customers helped us raise more than £495,000 as of January 2020. The survey was suspended during the coronavirus pandemic and has not yet started again.

Selecting our charities

The four charities selected to receive the Travelcard survey donation were chosen to reflect a wide range of  public interests.

We are not actively looking at the moment for any other charities to join the survey.