Consultations & surveys

We consult on:
  • New guidance, policy updates and amendments   
  • Changes to bus services   
  • Relocation of bus stops and shelters   
  • Design and management of London roads   
  • Major transport projects and developments

One of the ways we gather feedback is through online questionnaires on our consultations hub.

How we reach a decision

We always consider feedback during the decision-making process.

Final plans will also take other factors into account, including relevant financial, legal, safety and technical issues.

Some decisions, such as highway changes, also depend on decisions made by London boroughs.

Once a decision is made, it is published online.

London Travel Demand Survey

Each year, 8,000 randomly selected households in London and the surrounding area are interviewed about their travel habits as part of the London Travel Demand Survey.

Travelcard Survey

We run an annual survey on Travelcard usage to help us understand how they are used.

We distribute thousands of Travelcard diaries every year and donate £2 to charity for each completed survey returned to us.

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