Giving us the management of suburban rail services currently run by companies such as Southern, Southeastern, South West Trains and Great Northern will improve your journeys.

"You should be confident that the service you receive on the rail network is of the same high standard as the rest of London's transport network. This is particularly true in areas where the Tube doesn't go, like south London. But this isn't currently the case. Too many services are unreliable, expensive and overcrowded, and passengers feel powerless to change things.

I am calling on government to give responsibility for London rail services to TfL, as set out in the joint plan published earlier this year."

London's suburban railways

London's population will rise from 8.6 million today to 10 million by 2030, and the surrounding region's from 15 to 17 million. Improving the rail network is essential to providing extra housing and jobs, as well as enhancing people's quality of life.

Our management of the suburban railways would bring:

Reliable, frequent trains

  • More reliable, faster and more frequent trains
  • Wider doors and more space to move around inside
  • Clear identifiable lines

Fairer, simpler, fares

  • Consistent fares across all services, so you pay the same whether your journey is on the Tube or rail
  • Refunds of the full single fare after delays of more than 30 minutes
  • Oyster and contactless payment extended to more areas around the edge of London

Modern, staffed stations

  • Staff at every station from the first to last train
  • Cleaner, brighter stations with modern facilities
  • New ticket gates to avoid fare evasion and improve security
  • More stations with step-free access and a turn-up-and-go service for all disabled customers

Information at every stage

  • An integrated TfL map of all rail and Tube lines
  • WiFi at stations so you can stay connected wherever you are
  • Personalised and relevant live information integrated into Journey Planner and Twitter travel alerts
  • Staff equipped with mobile devices to get you live information from the whole TfL network

Our proposals

In October 2016 we presented a business case on rail devolution to the Secretary of State for Transport.

In September 2016 we presented a paper to our Board that summarised proposals we published in January 2016.

In January 2016 we published a joint proposal with the DfT that would improve customer journeys and support economic growth in the Capital and the rest of the South East. 

Government rail franchises

The Government held a consultation in February-May 2017 on a new franchise for rail services in southeast London and Kent.

We have responded to the Government's consultation.