You can call us on 0343 222 4444 to:

  • Check the progress of your application or renewal
  • Change your name or address
  • Change your medical conditions
  • Apply for an exemption
  • Request a replacement licence
  • Notify us of any convictions, cautions or charges

If you wish to:

  • Change your vehicle details
  • Book your vehicle inspection

Please phone us on 0343 222 5555.

Renewing your driver licence

To ensure your licence is renewed in good time, we now issue all application packs four months before the expiry date.

Once you receive the form from us, please apply to the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) for a criminal records check. We also recommend that you also register the the DBS Update service to prevent any further delays in the future.

The DBS are also offering an updated service: subscribers to this service won't be required to apply for a new disclosure when renewing their licence, which eliminates the risk of delays in the processing of applications. This also saves money on the cost of a new Disclosure Certificate. A disclosure will only be required where a change has occurred.

We recommend that make your renewal application using our new online functionality. Details of how to register for an account are contained within the renewal pack sent to you.

The new online process makes its quicker and easier to apply for both new and renewal driver licences. It also provides functionality for you to track your application.

Alternatively you can complete the postal pack and post it to us using the envelope provided. When applying by post:

  • Check the details on the form and change any detail that is incorrect
  • Please ensure that you provide an email address so that we can provide updates quicker
  • Ensure you provide either consent to check your DVLA details
  • Sign the declaration

Please post your completed application to us at the earliest opportunity.

We also require you to:

  • Return your old licence to us within seven days of it expiring
  • Private Hire drivers are also required to return their PHV badge

Lost badge or licence

If your badge, taxi driver identifiers (taxi only) or licence is lost in a public place or stolen you must report this to the police, who will provide you with a 'Property lost in streets' form or crime reference number.

You need to have your badge, taxi driver identifiers (taxi only) and licence with you at all times in order to work. If any of these are lost, stolen or damaged, you must inform us immediately

Private hire drivers

You can call us on 0343 222 4444 (TfL call charges) if you have lost your private hire driver badge or licence.

Taxi (black cab) drivers

Lost badge

If you are a licensed taxi driver and have lost your taxi driver's badge then you must return both your original and copy taxi driver licences. The replacement badge fee is £15.

We will update your licences with your new badge number and your replacement badge and licences will be sent to you by recorded delivery post.

Lost licence

If you are a licensed taxi driver and have lost your original or copy taxi driver's licence then you must request a replacement and return this to us with a recent colour passport-sized photograph. You must also send in your original or copy licence if you still have either of these so we can issue you with a new set of licences.

All licences should be marked for the attention of the 'Customer Support Team' and sent to:

London Taxi and Private Hire
PO Box 177
Sheffield S98 1JY

Lost or stolen taxi driver licence identifiers

If your identifiers have been lost or stolen, you must notify us immediately. We will arrange for a replacement set to be issued to you as soon as possible.

You can contact us on 0343 222 4444 (TfL call charges).

Surrendering private hire vehicle licences

If you buy a vehicle that has been licensed by us as a private hire vehicle and you are not using it for that purpose, OR if you are selling a TfL licensed private hire vehicle that will no longer be used for private hire purposes, you must return the licence discs found on the front and rear windscreen, as well as the paper vehicle licence to TfL.

You must return the licence discs and paper licence to this address:

London Taxi & Private Hire, PO Box 177, Sheffield S98 1JY.

Private hire operators

Visit our web page for existing private hire operators.

MOT checker

All taxis and private hire vehicles more than 12 months old (from date of manufacture) are required to pass two MOT tests a year as a condition of continued annual licensing. The first MOT certificate must be issued not more than 14 days before the date of the licensing inspection. The second MOT must be obtained six months from the date of grant of licence. We give a reminder note at inspection centres. It's your responsibility to ensure the vehicle you're driving is up to date. Check your vehicle's MOT status online.

Idling engines

Idling engines contribute to air pollution problems in London. Running the engine while your vehicle is stationary pollutes the environment and is illegal on a public road.

When you keep a vehicle's engine idling it can produce nearly twice as much exhaust emissions as it does while moving. This affects the quality of our air.

Engine idling and the law

It is illegal to leave your engine running when stationary and you could also risk a fixed penalty notice, under the Road Traffic (Vehicle Emissions) (Fixed Penalty) (England) Regulations 2002.

It is not illegal to have an idling vehicle engine if you are:

  • Waiting at traffic lights
  • Moving slowly through congestion
  • Getting a repair or defrosting a windscreen

Our compliance officers regularly advise drivers of idling taxi or private hire vehicles to move on or switch off their engine.

What to do

  • If stationary and waiting more than a couple of minutes for a customer, switch your engine off to avoid idling
  • Restarting an engine causes less pollution and uses less fuel than keeping the engine idling. Modern batteries don't need as much engine time to remain charged
  • Avoid an idling engine and you'll help to lower air pollution, improve air quality and save yourself money on fuel
  • Our parking information page has more details about where taxi and private hire drivers can wait for customers

Toilet information

It can be difficult to know where to find public toilet facilities when you're driving. Get more information about where public toilets are in the key areas of London, including Heathrow and City airports.