Topographical assessment

This page provides information about the topographical assessment for private hire drivers.  

From 1 November 2021, all Topographical testing will be undertaken at our (TfL) driver assessment centres at Baker Street and West Kensington.

The TfL Topographical test (if taken on or after 1 November 2021) costs £36 and a re-take costs £16. Tests booked at the TfL approved centres taking place prior to 1 November 2021 will have an associated cost. Please see our approved centres table for specific centre details. 

Please do not attend our assessment centres in Baker Street or West Kensington unless you have a confirmed booking for a topographical skills assessment as we cannot assist with enquiries in-person at these locations. 

When you have a confirmed booking, we expect that you make every effort to attend. Assessments should only be rescheduled in exceptional circumstances.


Failure to attend a confirmed assessment without a valid justification may lead to your application being withdrawn.  


A valid justification will include where you are asked to isolate due to close contact with someone who has tested positive for coronavirus or test positive yourself.  In these circumstances, please inform us as soon as you can so that we can reschedule your assessment.



TfL Topographical assessment centres

Our assessment centres are operating with appropriate safety measures in place, including: social distancing markers, hand sanitiser stations and personal protective equipment for staff. Customers must wear a face covering when attending our assessment centres unless exempt. These measures will be kept under review.

Assessment Schedule: Monday to Friday at various times

Further guidance can be found in the documents provided here, including important coronavirus information. Please review this guidance carefully before your assessment and follow the provided instructions, or you may not be permitted to sit the assessment.

Find out more about the centres:

Assessment Guidelines 

The topographical assessment guidelines provide more details about the assesssment. Your assessment will be computer based, so you will need a basic understanding of how to use a mouse. 

A guide to plotting a route

We have produced a short video to provide guidance on how you may be expected to plot a route within the online assessment.

Special requirements and reasonable adjustments 

TfL offer a wide range of reasonable adjustments that are tailored to the individual to ensure that assessments are carried out in a fair and consistent manner.

If you have a disability or condition which means you will need adjustments to be made at your assessment then you will be invited to provide us with a brief outline of the condition and documented evidence from a relevant professional. Please see the top of this page for more information. Contact us on