Taxi top advertising

Rooftop illuminated digital advertising

A decision has been made to limit the number of vehicles to 1,000 at this time.

In limiting the number to 1,000, we have taken into consideration the fact that this is new technology and it allows us to properly assess their impact and how they are received by the public. It also helps to ensure the visual impact of the London taxi and the streetscape of London is maintained.

There are now between 1-100 taxi vehicles with a taxi top device fitted (this number will be regularly updated).

Eligibility criteria

  • Only the licence holders of licensed TX4 model taxis are eligible to apply
  • For each application, an agreement must be in place with an approved manufacturer. Evidence of this must be provided as part of the application
  • An approval will only be authorised where an licensing inspection is due within the next 6 months

There are currently no approved manufactures providing taxi top advertising.

Please review the taxi top policy document for further information about taxi top advertising.

Requesting a new taxi top vehicle licence


To apply for approval you will need to complete and submit the following application form accompanied with a copy of the relevant agreement with one of the approved manufacturers.

Approvals will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis: the limit is 1,000.


On approval, you'll need to re-licence your vehicle within 6 months of the approval being issued.

The licence fee for a vehicle with a taxi top fitted is £166. This is because of the extra checks that need to be carried out to make sure the taxi top device has been fitted correctly. 

Completed forms and documentary evidence

We would recommend that the form is emailed to

However an alternative postal address is available:

Taxi Tops
PO Box 713

Please note it is necessary to make a separate application per vehicle. We will not accept multiple applications on one form.


Once an application has been approved, a letter will be issued to the vehicle owner advising that within six months of the date of the letter they must:

  • Fit the approved taxi top device to their vehicle
  • Have their vehicle pass a full licensing inspection when they renew their current vehicle licence, which will include checking the taxi top device
  • Find out more about vehicle licensing inspection

When applying for approval please be aware that, should more than 1,000 applications be received, a waiting list will be created.


All advertisements displayed via the taxi top must comply with the "Taxi advertising and private hire vehicle signage guidelines" which can be found on our Legislation and policy web page.