Taxi delicensing scheme

TfL's taxi delicensing scheme was launched in 2017 to support taxi drivers who wanted to delicense Euro 3, 4 or 5 vehicles.

The scheme successfully removed over 4,000 older and more polluting vehicles from our fleet, which has supported our aim to reduce air pollution in London.

In addition, funding was also provided for an LPG Conversion Scheme, which allowed Euro 5 taxis to operate to the Euro 6 emission standard, and a Q-Parks Scheme which provided zero emission capable taxis with access to rapid charge points in car parks.

Taxi Age Limits

Following a public consultation changes were introduced to taxi vehicle age limits and exemptions. These changes were introduced to reduce harmful emissions from taxis and improve air quality in the capital.

Visit our Emission Standards for Taxis page for more information about how this may affect you. For a copy of the consultation or reports contact