Taxi delicensing scheme

TfL has re-launched its enhanced delicensing fund that supports taxi drivers who want to delicense their Euro 3, 4 or 5 vehicles.

Following the announcement of £24m funding from the Mayor, TfL has restructured the taxi delicensing scheme.

Top payments of £10,000 are available to the first 1,250 applicants, with tiered payment levels available to subsequent applicants on a first come, first saved basis:

Eligible vehicles No. of payments available Delicensing payment
Taxis younger than 13 years 1,250 £10,000
1,100 £9,000
850 £8,000
500 £7,000
400 £6,000
13 and 14 year old taxis 1,000 £1,000


If you are the owner of a diesel taxi that is less than 15 years old you may be able to surrender your taxi vehicle licence and plate in exchange for a payment from TfL. Once a taxi vehicle licence has been surrendered and the vehicle delicensed it cannot be licensed in London again.

Check whether you are eligible for the scheme under these Terms and Conditions.

Apply for a delicensing payment

Please ensure you have carefully read and understood the Terms and Conditions before applying.

To apply for a delicensing grant you will need your vehicle registration number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and vehicle licence number to complete the application, as well as an email address we can contact you on.

Apply for your taxi delicensing payment.

Liquid Petroleum Gas

A new £2.5 million fund to help owners of eligible Euro 5 taxis to convert to Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), a much cleaner fuel system, has been created.

Independent testing shows that an average TX4 taxi emits over 70 per cent less NOx after being converted to run on LPG. Trials also show that drivers of LPG-converted taxis can save around £200 a month in fuel costs.

A limited number of LPG conversion grants will be made available to drivers of eligible Euro 5 taxis to support the shift of those vehicles with the worst NOx emissions to cleaner vehicles.

If you wish to express interest in applying for an LPG conversion grant, please email This will enable us to contact you when the application process opens later this year. This expression of interest does not constitute an application.

Taxi Age Limits

TfL has launched a consultation on proposals to reduce the taxi age limit to 12 years by 2022. The 15-year age limit would be strictly mandated in 2019, with a proposed reduction in the age limit by one year, per year until a 12 year age limit is reached. The age limit for Euro 6, LPG and ZEC taxis is proposed to remain at 15 years.

The proposal for a 15 year maximum age limit for newly converted LPG taxis would enable fuel savings, helping taxi owners to recoup the conversion costs while also reducing their contribution to damaging NOx emissions in London.

Any licensed taxis that have already been converted to LPG under the existing TfL scheme will not be impacted and would retain their exemption to the age limit requirement.