Public toilets in London

Practical information

You can get up to date information about your nearest public toilet sent direct to your smartphone or tablet. Type 'toilet finder' into the search function on your device and it should provide you with a number of popular apps to choose from.

The Great British Toilet Map website includes an interactive map of facilities, not just in the London area, but across the country.

The TfL toilet map shows where to find toilets on the TfL network or close to it.

Toilet logos

Station toilet facilities

Public toilets are available at some stations across London. Please be aware that opening hours vary, but access is available via staff outside these.

TfL toilet facilities are free to access, but some non-TfL facilities may be chargeable. Other public toilets may be available near to stations. Some facilities are inside the station's ticket gates.

More details about the toilet facilities in and near London Underground stations, including opening hours, can be seen in the enhanced toilet facilities information below.

Toilet facilities in shops

Supermarkets, DIY and department stores often have accessible toilet facilities (and parking availability). Look out for the 'community toilet' signs used where local businesses work with boroughs to provide toilet accessibility. The Community Toilet Scheme aims to provide clean, safe and accessible public toilets in more convenient locations for residents and visitors to some of London's boroughs.

London borough toilets

Most of London's boroughs provide details of public and community toilets. Places vary, and in some cases it may be hard to access their information on a smartphone or tablet, but the following boroughs provide toilet facility information on their websites: