Getting around with your buggy

When using buggies on public transport, always make sure your child is securely fastened and your brake is on at all times when stationary. Never leave your buggy unattended. When getting on and off transport it can be better to do so backwards, especially if there is a step up or down.

If you are travelling by Tube:

  • Use the lift if one is available
  • Take extra care on escalators
  • Don't rush, particularly if the doors are already starting to close
  • Be careful if there is a step up or down into the train
  • Watch out for the thin grooves in the door runners on some trains especially if the wheels on your pushchair are thin

On buses

All London bus routes are served by low-floor, wheelchair-accessible buses.

This means you can board any bus, unless the driver thinks that it is too crowded for you to travel safely.

On buses, the driver can lower the bus for you, so it's level with the kerb. Drivers should make sure passengers have time to position their buggy safely, and hold on or sit down before moving away.

Fold the buggy up if it's too wide to fit through the doors and down the aisle.

If you're using a double buggy, feel free to get on the bus at the back exit doors, but remember to check with the driver first.

For safety reasons and general passenger comfort, move your buggy out of the middle aisle.

All buses have a wheelchair space available. By law, wheelchair users have priority over the space as it is the only place they can travel safely. When a wheelchair user is not using the space, you can use it on a first come first served basis.

If a wheelchair user wishes to board a bus, you should share the space, fold your buggy or move. You will not be asked to leave the bus, but you may choose to do so.

On Tube and rail

Most Tube trains have multipurpose areas suitable for buggies, except the Central, Waterloo & City and Bakerloo lines. Many also have wheelchair spaces - feel free to use them if they're available but please give them up if they're needed by a wheelchair user.

Many of our stations have step-free access. Always make use of lifts where available. Use our Step-free guide to see all stations where you can get between the platform and street step-free, or change between lines step-free.

At stations, some staff may be willing to help carrying buggies up and down stairs, although they are not always able to do so. They will ask you to carry your child and fold your buggy.

Use a help point to contact staff for information and assistance, or in an emergency.

For more information on travelling with a buggy on the Tube, read our Conditions of Carriage.

In taxis

All taxis have an intermediate step and a ramp to make it easier for you to get in and out with a buggy. Please ask your driver if you need this.

On river services

Buggies are welcome on board all Thames Clippers River Bus services.

Boats are boarded via a ramp and have space for both wheelchair users and buggies. The crew will help you find the safest place to park your buggy. You will only be asked to fold up the buggy if necessary.

Buggies are also welcome on board most River Tour boats. Please check with the boat operator you intend to travel with for further details.

On the IFS Cloud Cable Car

Folding buggies are permitted on the cable car as long as they are not put on the seats and do not cause a blockage to gangways, lifts or passages.