People with sight or hearing loss

If you want to be accompanied onto or met from one of our trains, see help from staff.

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs are welcome on all our services, including taxi and private hire vehicles. Bus drivers are trained to recognise their harnesses or jackets and they may travel on either deck of the bus.

However, only dogs trained to use escalators (with appropriate identification) can use moving escalators. If your dog is not trained, staff will help you avoid escalators (for example by using lifts and stairs). If you can't avoid the escalator they will stop it so you can walk. This may not be possible in busy periods so staff will help you replan your journey by another route.

To find out more, contact the Guide Dogs London Mobility Team.

There should never be an additional charge for travelling with your dog. If anyone tries to charge you extra, please contact us with details.

Tactile surfaces

Tactile paving is being fitted across our networks, on platforms and at the top and bottom of stairs. However, until we have this at all stations, please do not assume it is there.

Hearing aid induction loops

Induction loops are fitted at many ticket offices, Help Points, platforms, in taxis and some buses. Look out for the T-loop symbol.

Audio/visual information

See the realtime and audio/visual information section in plan your journey.

Pedestrian crossings

We are upgrading all London's pedestrian crossings to make them more accessible. See road users and pedestrians for more information.

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