Using TfL Go for step-free journeys

The app includes detailed step-free maps and step-free journey planning tools such as platform-level information on gaps and steps, manual ramps and level access points needed to board a train. You can also check the status of any lifts and get information on accessible toilets.

TfL Go is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download the app from the Apple App Store Download the app from the Google Play store

Using the interactive map

  • Pinch to zoom in and out of the map
tfl go pinch zoom screen
  • Swipe up, down, left and right to move the map around
tfl go map image showing moving around
  • Find the station or bus stop you want
tfl go - bus option
  • Choose a nearby bus stop
tfl go - find a nearby bus
  • See when the next buses at that stop are due to arrive
tfl go -schedule of nearby buses

Step-free mode

  • Tap on the step-free button to update the map to only show step-free stations
  • Activating step-free mode changes your journey planner options so all journeys planned will be step-free to platform
step-free mode on on tfl go map

Step-free to train

step-free to train icon on tfl go map

Step-free to platform

step-free to platform icon on tfl go map

Step-free to train in one direction

step-free to train in one direction only icon on tfl go map

Step-free to platform in one direction

step-free to platform one direction only icon on tfl go map

Interchange only (step-free to platform or to train interchange only)

  • At stations marked with these symbols you can change between lines step-free (sometimes only in one direction), but you will not be able to get in or out of the station without using stairs and/or escalators
interchange only icon on tfl go map

No step-free access (station at start or end of line)

  • These symbols show the direction of a line at stations that are not step-free. You will not be able to get in/out or interchange at these stations
end of line icon on tfl go map

Station information

  • Tap on a station on the map
tfl go tap on a station

... or search to open a station summary

tap on station icon on tfl go map
  • Choose whether to show information (this will also centre the map on the station's location) or get directions to that station
tfl go screenshot
  • If you choose 'Show information', you'll see a station summary. Drag this upwards to view full details of the station
station summary on tfl go map
  • Get station information such as status of lines using this station, live station busyness, fare zone, platform arrivals and toilet availability
station summary on tfl go map

Go now

  • Tap on the 'Go now' button on the station summary or station information page
go now button on tfl go
  • From here you can plan a journey to the station from your current location
planned journey on tfl go

Step-free information

  • Tap on the platform
platform icon on tfl go
  • Then tap on the step-free information button
step-free information on tfl go
  • You can see, for example, if there is street to platform or street to train access
step-free access on tfl go
  • Tap station with lift disruption
tfl go access information
  • View and tap on platform affected by lift disruption
tfl go no lift access warning
  • View platform information...
  • ... and platform access information
tfl go platform access information

Steps and gaps

Step-free to train

Suitable for most customers, including wheelchair users.

Steps: 0 - 50mm (0 - 2 inches)

Gaps: 0 - 85mm (0 - 3.3 inches)

Step-free to platform

Suitable for customers with mobility impairments,luggage and buggies and some wheelchair users.

These stations might have manual ramps.

Steps: 51 - 120mm (2 - 4.7 inches) and 120mm (4.7 inches)

Gaps: 86 - 180mm (3.3 - 7 inches) and over 180mm (7 inches)

tfl go app - wheelchair ramp info

Set your step-free journey planner options

  • Tap on 'Where to?' to search for an address, post code or station and plan a journey from your current location
where to change journey preferences on tfl go
  • Tap on the filters icon to see the journey planner options
journey options icon on tfl go
  • In the 'Options' screen you can change your step-free journey preferences
tfl go app - choose step free journey options
  • You can also choose journey results based on Fastest routes, Fewest changes and Least walking
tfl go with least walking option selected
  • Tap 'Travel by' to choose specific modes...
tfl go - see journey options
  • ... and deselect any modes you don't want to use
tfl go - filter by mode

The app will keep your step-free preferences.

When Step-free mode is turned off and then on again, the app will apply the last preference you chose.

Tips for an accessible journey

  • Plan ahead, including your return journey - You might need a different route, or alternative station entrance
tfl go pan menu
  • Status update - Tap on the 'Status' icon on the app landing page to open the service status board
status on tfl go
  • Check on the status on individual lines - tap on a line to see a summary of the current disruption
esub on tfl go
  • Check out the platforms you will use - see if they have steps and gaps you can manage, a manual ramp for boarding the train, or has designated level-access points for getting on or off trains. (You might need these points even at level-access platforms to get off the train at your destination)
  • Make sure all lifts you need are in service - no step-free journeys shown would include routes where a lift is unavailable
  • Book ahead to get help at London Overground or Elizabeth line stations by calling 0343 222 1234 (call charges may apply)
  • Find a Blue Badge parking spot

When travelling

  • For your own safety, do not use a moving escalator unless you can step onto it, stand on it and step off it
  • If you have problems with your planned route, please contact a member of staff at the station (or use the Help Point). Ask if staff are able to assist you and if it is safe to do so
  • If you are unable to complete your planned step-free journey because the lifts are out of service, we will help you find an accessible route to your destination, including booking you a taxi if there is no suitable route by public transport

Feedback and support

If you have any issues with the app: