Keeping our network well-ventilated and clean

We understand that some customers are concerned about respiratory infections, including coronavirus.


The transport network is well ventilated. Tube, train, tram and bus doors opening frequently ensures a regular exchange of air across the public transport network, while the constant movement draws fresh air into the system.

In the deeper Tube lines, ventilation shafts and fans supplement this air movement. Assessments on Tube carriages indicate that the air changes over 20 times each hour.

Buses are also fitted with a range of air extraction and ventilation systems. These systems, in conjunction with leaving windows open and the frequent opening of doors, ensure the flow of fresh air through the vehicle.

We no longer have hand sanitiser units across our transport network. This decision is based on the current medical and scientific guidance on how coronavirus can be transmitted (by air rather than touch).

Carrying personal hand sanitiser is welcome on our network if this helps you travel with confidence.

Our cleaning regime

We have an enhanced cleaning regime. We are:

  • Using antiviral disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria on contact
  • Cleaning key interchanges more frequently throughout the day
  • Wiping down all touch surfaces on buses, such as poles and doors with strong disinfectant every day

Quieter times and places

You may want to travel at quieter times when there is more space. Find out more about quieter times to travel.

Quieter times at local stations vary. Check how busy any station on the TfL network is, at any time of day.