Map sizes & formats

You cannot change artwork in any way unless approved by Pulse Creative before reproduction. When ordering, please include the version name on the application form.

All maps can be enlarged in proportion to any size as the file supplied is in vector format. We don't recommend making the maps any smaller as they may become illegible.

Do not download maps from internet sites (including TfL's) for commercial purposes. Maps must be ordered through Pulse Creative and must show the unique registered user number allocated to all maps supplied.


Maps can be supplied in the following formats:

  • EPS file
  • Print quality PDF

Examples of popular types and sizes:

    Full area version (standard London Underground map)

    Full area version (Night Tube map)

    Cut-down versions (standard London Underground map)

    Colour versions (National Rail maps)

    Black and white versions (London Underground maps)

    Black and white versions (National Rail maps)


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