Tenders Electronic Daily

We publish large contract opportunities (contracts with an expected value over EU public or utilities procurement thresholds) on Tenders Electronic Daily (TED). TED is the online version of the 'Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union', dedicated to European public procurement.

TIP: Because of the diverse nature of our advertisements, the following search criteria may not necessarily retrieve all opportunities for the entire TfL Group. However, it should help shape your initial search. In the full text field, enter the following (with quotation marks):

  • For TfL - "Transport for London" or "Surface transport"
  • For London Underground - "London Underground"


Following its successful use by the London 2012 authorities and their supply chains as part of the London 2012 Games, CompeteFor continues to be used by TfL and other members of the Greater London Authority group, including Crossrail, as part of the procurement process.

In turn, our sub-contractors use CompeteFor to make their business opportunities widely available.

Electronic tendering

Our eTendering system is a web-based tendering tool that supports procurement activities and collaboration between the buyer and supplier.

Suppliers can search and view a selection of advertised contract opportunities on our eTendering portal.

Opportunities can be found without the need to create an account by using the search function.

TIP: Use the wildcard * before and after any search term (e.g. *widget*). Before taking part in any tendering activity, suppliers must register on the portal.

Future contract and framework opportunities

You can view the latest list of planned future opportunities and a list of current frameworks and when they expire on our Contract opportunities page.

TfL Business Plan

For information on future TfL plans, please see our business plan.


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