Engineering Standards Challenge

Standards are the detailed TfL-owned requirements that underpin how our various transport modes and improvement projects are run.

TfL Engineering brings all of our engineering functions together across our various modes. This helps us to identify and question differences between equivalent standards.

We want your ideas on how we can encourage greater innovation, cost efficiency and third party funding into our network, while maintaining safety. We developed a standards challenge process in partnership with the Railway Industry Association (RIA), following a successful initiative developed by Network Rail.

If you think that a standard is inappropriate for some (or all) applications, doesn't enable the application of best practice, or drives increased cost without comparable benefit, email

Your suggestion should include the following information:

  • Standard name and number if applicable
  • Clause/requirement if applicable
  • Discipline
  • Problem Statement
  • Barrier type (for example whole life cost, innovation, safety, production cost, maintenance cost or risk)
  • What is the opportunity?
  • Why should we make this change?
  • Who should we talk to about this proposal?
  • How should we contact them?

We're also interested in your thoughts on the blockers to innovative (but non-compliant) solutions and how these can be overcome.

We'll review all challenges received and conduct a rigorous impact assessment across a broad range of output capabilities (such as safety, performance, environment and compatibility) to make sure these capabilities are not compromised. We will respond within four weeks with a proposed way forward.