Licence agreement

Below is an overview of the main rights and limitations of the licence.


The licence is valid for 12 months only and it applies to the printing and reproduction of the maps rather than their sale or distribution. Therefore, you will need to print or reproduce the map within this 12-month period, or you will need to renew the licence.

No changes permitted

You must not change the map in any way unless agreed and approved by us.

Any changes you wish to make are limited to:

  • Subtle highlighting of a particular station
  • Thin arrow pointing into the map (but not obscuring any station names)
  • Light shading of an area of the map
  • Cropping, however, must be done by our map licensing administrator for which there is a charge. The charge will be calculated according to your cropping requirements

In all cases, changes must be submitted to us and approved in proof form prior to printing. Contact Pindar Creative for further information on changes permitted.

Signature and payment

The licence agreement must be signed and full payment received by us before we will release the artwork.