How to license the TfL brand

Who we work with

If you'd like a licence, your company must have established distribution or retail outlets. Licensees are allowed - with our agreement - to sell through Amazon and other online marketplaces, but we will not grant licences to those selling solely through online platforms such as Etsy and eBay.

We can only grant new licences for products or product ranges not currently offered under our licensing programme.


Licences are not available for souvenir products to be sold in the UK gift market because we have appointed, by tender, one master souvenir licensee for the UK market. Companies wanting to tender for this licence may do so when we advertise a tender for the UK gift and souvenir market.


We're always open to discussing new products for our growing publishing programme. We currently work exclusively with titles that are being developed by a publisher and do not accept proposals that are to be self-published through Amazon or elsewhere.


If your proposal includes the use of the TfL Tube Map on consumer products then contact us (see below). However, if you want to reproduce a map in a commercial publication, find out how on the Map licensing page.

What to do next

To develop a product or range of products under licence:

  1. Contact our agency IMG with your idea, ideally with any design ideas and your commercial proposal
  2. Fill in the 'Deal Memo Proposal' form - this covers all the information needed to review your proposal and get our approval to move forward
  3. If your proposal is accepted, you must then follow our approvals process. You will be required to submit concept artwork, then pre-production samples for approval before manufacturing
  4. Submit production samples once the item is manufactured. These must be checked for quality and approved before sale and will then kept for our records