Lane rental scheme

Reference documents

These documents provide details on the scheme as well as the applicable locations:

The two ZIP downloads above contain GIS files in TAB and ESRI format. The files can be used to upload the spatial representation of lane rental locations into most mapping systems. Please note that these files should only be downloaded via desktop computers.

Lane rental map

Interactive mapping layer of lane rental locations

Supplementary guidance

The purpose of the supplementary guidance document below is to provide clarity on certain areas and questions relating to the TLRS that have arisen since the scheme went live in June 2012.

If you want to apply for a reduction or waiver in relation to this document, please complete the Apply to waive/reduce/exempt charges form below and return it to

Monitoring reports

These reports provide information on the impacts of the scheme since it was implemented:

Lane Rental Governance Committee (LRGC)

A Lane Rental Governance Committee (LRGC) has been established to manage surplus income generated from the lane rental scheme by ensuring that expenditure is in accordance with Department for Transport regulations.

The committee is made up of representatives from utility companies and us We meet quarterly to authorise funding requests for individual projects aimed at reducing disruption and other adverse effects caused by street and roadworks.

More information relating to the committee can be found in the Terms of Reference (PDF 208KB)

To provide assurance that the income from the Lane Rental Scheme is being managed in accordance with Department for Transport regulations a review has been undertaken and details can be found in the Audit Assurance Report (PDF 488KB)

Lane rental funding applications, guidance and templates

The documents below help applicants through the process of applying for funding.

For any queries in relation to applications for funding please email

Lane rental funding approved applications

This document provides a summary of all lane rental funded projects approved by the Lane Rental Governance Committee:

Lane rental funding - Project videos

LRGC industry publications

All projects funded by the Lane Rental Governance Committee are required to provide an industry publication at the close of the project.

This is to advise stakeholders of the outcomes of the project, lessons learnt and recommendations. Below are the publications from all the projects completed to date: