We have a statutory obligation to protect our railways and other assets. You must inform us if your project is on or near our rail network, tramways, road network or property.

Our boundaries are not always obvious and many of our assets are below ground. If you're in any doubt about whether your project may impact our assets, see our planning and construction contacts and get in touch. 

London Underground and DLR

London Underground and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) have a statutory obligation to protect the railway. It's often your obligation to work with us on projects that might affect it.  

We need to review your proposals in detail if they involve working on or near our property, altering any of our assets (including changes to loading) or pose a risk to the London Underground or DLR network. 

When do I need permission? 

You need to apply for permission for any of the following types of activity: 

  • Extensions including basements to private property near our shallow tunnels 
  • Major redevelopments over our deep Tube network or next to stations 
  • Minor private property maintenance such as tree surgery near our tracks 

Our involvement will depend on your proposals and their potential impact. We will: 

  • Review your proposals 
  • Provide guidance on design, construction and London Underground requirements 
  • Advise on risk to and from the railway 
  • Arrange access to London Underground property 
  • Organise protection if required 

How do I get permission? 

Follow the Infrastructure Protection Outside Party process: 

  1. Initial enquiries - email locationenquiries@tfl.gov.uk with a location plan and outline of your proposals 
  2. Review proposals - provide us with details of the scheme. Download our Further Information Questionnaire below 
  3. Not affected - we can issue a letter confirming we are not affected by your proposals 
  4. Consider property matters - see Property section below
  5. Design issues / risk assessments / method statements - we'll review your methodology and provide advice and guidance  

Other railway networks

London Underground handles most of what you see on the Tube map but ownership is not always clear. We can tell you who the appropriate body is if you're unsure.

Other TfL rail systems contacts

Network Rail Asset Protection

If you work for, or on behalf of, Network Rail email locationenquiries@tfl.gov.uk

London Trams

London Trams operate between Wimbledon, Croydon, New Addington and Beckenham (including Elmers End). The network is divided into shared on-street sections and segregated sections of track. Trams cannot steer around a work site and are powered by live overhead wires. 

You must agree a safe method with us and receive permission before starting any work. Undertaking unauthorised work is not allowed as it can be dangerous. Contact us before you start your work so we can guide you through the process. 

When do I need permission? 

You need to consult us on works that could impact the safe and efficient operation and running of the tramway. 

This includes any of the types of activity below. This is not an exhaustive list. Contact us if you're in doubt before starting work. 

  • Any works on or near our platforms, tracks or infrastructure (for instance overhead power line masts or power sub-stations) 
  • Any works that impact or have the potential to impact the safe running of the tramway 
  • Demolition, piling, ground works or crane operations near the tramway 
  • A construction project (including excavation, tunnelling or scaffolding) next to or near the tramway 
  • Works in areas which generate increased footfall or traffic impacting the tramway or operations, for example street parties 
  • Any works that have the potential to divert members of the public towards the tram track 

How do I get permission? 

Email LTPlanningandDevelopment@tfl.gov.uk with your initial request. A site visit can be arranged if necessary.  

We'll get back to you within 10 days with a full pack including:  

  • Any associated costs 
  • Health & safety requirements
  • Information about legal obligations and a form of indemnity 

Street works

Statutory undertakers and those working under the New Roads and Street Works Act may affect our assets. You need to notify us of works that might impact these Streets of Engineering Difficulty (SED) or Special Interest (SI).

Download the guidance document below for street works near our structures.

Notify us about street works by emailing lulcedip@tfl.gov.uk

Abnormal loads

Many of our structures support London's road network.

Notify us if you're transporting an abnormal load or setting up a crane in the street above our assets. We'll tell you of any route restrictions relating to our infrastructure.

Notify us by emailing lulcedip@tfl.gov.uk


Some properties close to our railway may once have been owned by London Underground. There may be restrictive covenants on the property or other legal obligations placed on its owners. We can tell you what these may be and how you can deal with them.

Contact us by emailing locationenquiries@tfl.gov.uk

Planning applications

We normally receive notification of any planning applications for projects that may affect our assets. We review each one and may ask the planning authority to place obligations on the applicant. We may object if the works could have an adverse effect on our property or operations.

Read our guidance for planning applicants.

For proposed developments that are of strategic importance, find out about our role in planning.


If you wish to film on the Transport network, email filmoffice@tfl.gov.uk

Find out more about filming or taking photographs on the TfL network