A full TA will be required for all planning applications that are referred to the Mayor, unless otherwise agreed with us.

For non-referable applications, a TA may still be required. If you have any queries, email spatialplanning@tfl.gov.uk.

This guidance supplements rather than replaces any TA guidance issued by local authorities. It was designed to:

  • Help planning applicants preparing TAs and Transport Statements
  • Clarify technical aspects including trip generation and modelling
  • Explain TfL's approach to assessing planning applications
  • Explain TfL's approach to the Section 278 process for implementing highway changes
  • Clarify our role in planning obligations including the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The guidance is split into three sections:

  • Transport assessment inputs
  • Guidance by transport type
  • Mitigation and implementation

In 2007 the Department for Transport (DfT) produced guidance on TAs for local authorities and planning applicant. This document was used to help prepare TfL's guidance.

Appendix B of the DfT guidance sets out indicative thresholds for when a TA should be submitted as part of a planning application.