Conveyancing searches

  1. Search types
    1.1 We carry out 4 different types of conveyancing searches, as follows:
    • Railway Search (Residential) - for existing and proposed railway services, on a single residential property
    • Railway Search (Commercial) - for existing and proposed railway services, on a site that is a multiple residential, commercial or development property
    • Railway Search (Proposed Services) - for proposed railway services only, on any property type
    • Highway Search - for existing and proposed highway services, on any property type
  2. Turnaround
    2.1 We aim to respond to instructions by return email, within 10 working days, and subject to consulting with our engineers and planners.
  3. Information provided
    3.1 Search results are provided for conveyancing purposes only, and will include details of the proximity of the subject property to existing TfL services, relevant engineering information, as well as information on any TfL schemes or proposals in the vicinity.
    3.2 We may also include an illustrative plan.
    3.3 Please make all necessary enquiries before requesting a TfL conveyancing search, to ensure that the search you are requesting is relevant to subject property.
  4. Fees
    4.1 Fees apply to all of the above search types, except 'Railway Search (Proposed)'.
    4.2 VAT is chargeable.
    4.3 Fees are reviewed periodically and are subject to change.
    4.4 Check current pricing.
    4.5 Search requests that incur a fee do so regardless of the search result.
  5. Undertaking to pay fees
    5.1 We require an explicit undertaking that the relevant fees will be paid, before we can accept your instruction - we will not progress any requests without such an undertaking.
    5.2 If you submit search requests regularly, please include a standard undertaking with your instruction, for example: 'We undertake to pay the relevant fee for this conveyancing search instruction'.
  6. Payment of fees
    6.1 Fees are payable in arrears and an invoice will be issued separately, and as appropriate, within 4 weeks of your instruction being accepted.
    6.2 We are unable to accept payment by cheque in advance, but once an invoice has been issued then it may then be paid by cheque, BACS, etc.
    6.3 Note that cheques issued before an invoice is raised will be either returned or securely destroyed.
  7. Cancellations
    7.1 Search requests may be cancelled by the customer at any time before the search results have been issued by us.
  8. More information
    8.1 Find more information about TfL conveyancing searches.
    8.2 Please also see TLRN Maps to check that a property is within 200m of the TFL road network.

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